Pure Yoga event recap: Well+Good readers raise money for Bent on Learning

Half wheel pose Pure Yoga

Well+Good readers took over a candlelit studio at Pure Yoga’s serene Upper West Side location yesterday to raise money for Bent on Learning, an amazing non-profit organization that makes yoga classes available in New York City public schools. (Did you know half of New York City schools have no playgrounds, many have no gym or gym teacher, and most get 15 minutes for recess?) We had a great time for this great cause—and a handful of the city’s wellness experts and brands turned out in support.

Bent on Learning yoga teacher Jessica Daniels
Bent on Learning's Jessica Daniels teaches high school students yoga

Jessica Daniels, a Bent on Learning yoga instructor, attended yesterday’s class, and shared some of the notes and moving feedback she gets from her high-school students about how much yoga means to them. Trust us, after hearing how much yoga means to these teenagers, we’ll never take our vinyasa class for granted again.

aromatherapy sinus remedy
Gift on the yoga mat: H. Gillerman Organics

We we lucky enough to have Hope Gillerman, founder of H. Gillerman Organics, at the class, who explained how to incorporate essential oil blends into each yoga practice. Instead of a chocolate under the pillow, Hope left us an eucalyptus blend on our mats.

We used Sinus Remedy during the pranyama practice at the beginning of class, and during the yummy extra-long savasana, Hope came around and rubbed the Tension Remedy blend into our neck and shoulders. Best. Savasana. Ever.

Kay Kay Clivio and WellandGoodNYC.com
Well+Good's Melisse Gelula (left) and Alexia Brue (right) with Pure Yoga's Kay Kay Clivio

Kay Kay Clivio, Pure Yoga’s New York City teacher trainer, led the 75-minute intention-setting class involving (killer) standing balance poses like dancer’s pose and heart-opening backbends.

During the class, Clivio asked us to set or confirm our personal intentions for the year ahead, while reinforcing the yoga philosophy that these good intentions and actions can be practiced off the mat and benefit others. Can’t hear this enough!

Cooler Cleanse coconut water
Neda Funk and Caroline Limpert of Fitist.com enjoying fresh coconut water from Cooler Cleanse after the class

After the class, Cooler Cleanse (co-founded by Salma Hayek’s) was on hand with fresh coconuts, which they cracked open for us and popped a straw into like on a yoga retreat to Tulum!

Cooler Cleanse
Tiffany and Luis modeling the Cooler Cleanse juices they shared with Well+Good readers

We also sipped their cold-pressed organic Essential Green and Watermelon-Lime juices—and made friends with some of the members at Pure Yoga who stopped by for a taste, too. Wasn’t that nice of us to share?

Hope Gillerman
Aromatherapist Hope Gillerman (right) and a Well+Good reader sniff the wares

While we mingled and enjoyed our juices, Hope Gillerman explained how to use essential oil therapies during cold season, for stress management, and for detoxing purposes. She even brought bags of her homemade granola, the recipe for which comes in her Rejuvenation Kit. Thanks to everyone who donated!

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