Q&A: A model-turned-yogi’s plan to help you find health and happiness

Yogi Cameron's new book, The One Plan, is a guide to getting to a place of optimal health and happiness in one year. We asked him to explain how it works.

The One Plan Model-turned-wellness guru Cameron Alborzian, who now goes by Yogi Cameron, left the world of Versace and Vuitton to help people find balance through yoga and Ayurvedic healing. His newest book, The One Plan, is a week-by-week guide to getting to a place of optimal health and happiness in one year.

“In nature, each living being is born with an innate sense of how to live in balance. Plants lean toward the sun to maximize their ability to facilitate photosynthesis; animals do what they must to feed themselves while fending off predators,” he explains. “Humans have this capacity as well.”

We asked him how he he’ll help you tap that capacity and find more health and happiness this year:

Part one of your book is called “One Year to the Real You.” Who is the “real you” that you’re helping people find? As living beings, each of us is prone to suffer on account of our ego. The ego is what causes us to feel separate from others, compete with them, and live in fear of that which is unknown. But each of us also has the potential to…release the control the ego has over us and live in a divine state of peace. Embodying our divine light—also known as our spirit or our soul—compels us to live in balance…. The “real you” is the state of being that—rather than inspire separation—inspires others to realize their divine light as well.

What are some of the biggest issues that the One Plan can help readers address in their lives? It addresses the essential obstacle that defines every dietary, interpersonal, and emotional issue we have: we struggle in life because we suffer.

We suffer when we hold the world beyond ourselves responsible for our happiness. “We will be happy when we have a perfect body, have a perfect relationship, and get every other aspect of our situation to fall into place.” This perception of perfection is really just a trick of the ego. When we pursue a path like Yoga and use it to quell the control the ego has over us, we no longer hold the world responsible for our happiness. We find that happiness within.

Yogi Cameron
“When we quell the control the ego has over us, we no longer hold the world responsible for our happiness. We find that happiness within,” says Yogi Cameron.

When readers pursue this program as a reflection of the Yogic path, they will work to end their suffering. They will no longer eat poorly and will come to their most balanced, natural weight. They will pursue truthfulness in their relationships, and attract far healthier ones than they ever have before. They will work to rid themselves of that which they are afraid of in all aspects of their life.

Following a yogic path might intimidate people who don’t know a lot about yoga or Ayurveda. Can this approach fit into a modern, urban life? The first twenty weeks of the One Plan are actually devoted to helping the reader to modify their day-to-day behaviors before getting into some of the more seemingly intimidating practices. This includes making simple adjustments to diet, refraining from behaving dishonestly toward others and oneself, and no longer hoarding material items that are no longer necessary to have.

Through these first twenty weeks, they will experience far greater awareness of their life and the choices that they make. Then, after this first part of the program is completed, they will gradually work their way into a daily practice of yoga postures, breathing exercises, and other aspects of the path that will help them to end the struggles in their life. But because they have first addressed their day-to-day life through the initial twenty weeks, the other practices will no longer seem so intimidating. —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information, visit www.yogicameron.com or check out The One Plan

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