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On the eve of this 74th birthday, yoga luminary Dharma Mittra answers big questions about yoga and life.


Yoganonymous logoDharma Mittra‘s 74th birthday is on May 14th!

In this previously unpublished interview between Sri Dharma and Adam Frei—the Program Manager & Director of Dharma Yoga “Life of a Yogi” Training Programs—Dharma discusses how he deals with getting older, fear of death and more. Check it out below:

Adam Frei: You always seem so content. What’s the secret to being always content?

Dharma Mittra: This quality of contentment is derived from the realization of the Laws of Karma and that there is reincarnation. Also, at least for me, acceptance of the fact that: “There is nothing else to be known or done.” Aging gracefully comes also from being moderate in eating (stick mainly to vegetables!), sleeping, enjoying indulgences and working. Finally, always seeing my Self in others.

AF: A lot of people when they get older become depressed. They often seem like they’re fearful, as well. What advice do you share with students as they’re getting older?

DM: I have many older disciples: students who became teachers. They become old, come to me and say: “Oh, I feel so depressed Dharma!” I recommend to them: “You have to realize the knowledge that you have about reincarnation and karma. You have really to be sure that you realize that you are not the body at least.” Most people have all this knowledge already, but they are not realized – they are not 100% sure. So, when they are getting old, they start feeling depressed.

There are things they used to be able to do that they can’t do anymore, favorite foods that if they eat them now can make them feel sick, no more this, no more that, you understand? If one is attached to these things, having to give them up or lose them can cause some suffering.

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