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Readers’ Choice: Vote for the game-changing healthy standouts of 2016

Photo: Stocksy/Ellie Koleen Photography
Photo: Stocksy/Ellie Koleen Photography

From healthy recipes to at-home workouts, Well+Good editors spotlight healthy trends on the reg.

But what’s had the biggest impact on you in 2016? Which all-natural beauty bottle has achieved instant #shelfie status? What far-flung destination is so worth saving up for?

Here’s where you get to sound off: All month long we asked for your nominees on social media—now, it’s time to vote on the finalists. (Related: if you’re not following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, you definitely should.)

Below, vote for your wellness picks of 2016.

We’ve got a good idea of what’s going to be big next year: Check out Well+Good’s 2017 wellness trends