Recipe: Dateorade, a healthy sports drink

Love working out, but hate neon-colored, sugar-filled workout beverages? Us, too! Here's a totally healthy sports drink that's super easy to make.
Yum! (Photo: Rachel Novetsky)
Rachel Novetsky and her healthy sports beverage recipe smartly called Dateorade. (Photo: Rachel Novetsky)

Love working out, but hate neon-colored, sugar-filled workout beverages? Us, too! Why so much sugar and artificial colors in the name of hydration?

We’ve found an antidote in Dateorade. It’s yoga instructor’s Rachel Novetsky’s dreamy sports drink alternative, which looks way more appetizing than a Smurf-blue concoction full of dyes.

In addition to teaching yoga, Novetsky is a Miami-based holistic health coach (she trained at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition). And she’s shares her juicing brains with places like JugoFresh, where she teaches new employees about the nutritional benefits of the brand’s juices like El-Green-Go and Goji Lemonade.

As for her own healthy hydrator, Dateorade, she keeps this blend of dates, water, and coconut oil in a pitcher in her fridge to sip as a post-workout treat. “The combination helps your body metabolize carbohydrates, protein, and fats,” she says. Plus, Medjool dates are super rich in dietary fiber and potassium, “even more than spinach and bananas,” says Novetsky.

She’ll also add a squeeze of fruit depending on what’s in season, like she did in the above, left, with a juicy caracara orange. We’re sold! —Molly Gallagher


Blend on high and enjoy!

5 dates, soaked overnight in water
4 cups of water (preferably alkaline)
1/4 tsp pink Himalayan salt
1 tsp coconut oil (if you’re drinking immediately, you can add the coconut oil for a frothy top and extra energy boost)

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