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Recipe: “Raw Everything But the Kitchen Sink Soup” from Guru Jagat

The founder of RA MA Institute in Los Angeles shares her super-easy, super-nourishing raw soup recipe that you buzz in a blender.
(Photo: Guru Jagat)
(Photo: Guru Jagat)

Guru Jagat is the founder of RA MA Institute, the Kundalini yoga studio in Venice, California, that’s generated a lot of buzz for the mantra-based, super-spiritual practice. (The studio counts Demi Moore and Russell Brand as devotees.)

When she’s not teaching or hosting meditation workshops, Jagat, a raw food enthusiast, likes to whip up this delightfully unexpected, uncooked soup at her Los Angeles home (because even chilled out Kundalini yogis get busy and need healthy 10-minute recipes).

“The leafy greens, apple cider vinegar, and sea salt are all alkalizing to the body,” Jagat says. “This soup acts as a beauty tonic, while satisfying both cravings and true hunger.”

And the soup nourishes more than just the body. “I love cooking, it feels nourishing to my body and spirit,” she says. “I try to make it a meditation and make time for it like my other daily yogic practices.” Now that sounds like some seriously healthy multitasking. —Jamie McKillop and Randi Eichenbaum

Raw Everything But the Kitchen Sink Soup

1 avocado
½ cucumber
1 carrot
1 stalk of celery
Any other veggies in your fridge
2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar
Splash of lemon juice
Sea salt to taste
Water filled halfway to top of veggies

Mix in a blender and serve.

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