Red Flower takes to the skies

Kudos to US Airways. It's the first airline to include a natural beauty brand—Red Flower—in its in-flight amenity kit.



Kudos to US Airways. It’s the first airline to include a natural beauty brand in its in-flight amenity kit.

Starting this month, Red Flower, the innovator of gorgeous natural beauty products (and those pretty petal-topped candles), is included in the in-flight kits available to Envoy passengers, the airline’s international business-class flights.

So, in addition to featuring standard issue socks, ear plugs, toothbrush, and mouthwash, passengers receive three refreshing aromatherapeutic products from Red Flower. “I love the idea of getting the products into people’s hands when they most need it, when they are most craving something refreshing,” says Yael Alkalay, the creator of Red Flower.

What’s in it? The case contains Red Flower’s Ocean body lotion (the lead note is eucalyptus), Italian blood orange lip balm, and an Italian blood orange facial towelette. Alkalay wanted to create a mini ritual of products that work well together and that would appeal to men and women.

She also tweaked the product recipe for 40,000 feet. “When you’re flying, the cabin pressure dulls your senses. (That’s why they serve wines that are bolder and add extra salt to the food.) So in terms of products, the scents must be bolder. I added in extra essential oils for the flying experience,” Alkalay explains.

So now, if you happen to be flying US Airways Envoy, you’ll enjoy the fragrance of blood orange and cloves over, say, Purell.

And according to the airline, passengers are using the lip balm and the facial wipe even before takeoff.

However, a few are restraining themselves, and recognizing the value of this amenity kit on the open (skies) market. We spied a few for sale on eBay, going for an impressive $39.95.

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