Red Tricycle: Hip tips for New York parents

Red Tricycle's been called "Daily Candy for the stroller set" and it just launched in New York City.


Red Tricycle, a daily newsletter with an online community of cool parents, just launched in New York City.

It’s been called “Daily Candy for the Stroller Set” and its smart content helps parents stay in-the-know about hip, inspiring, unusual things to see, do, and eat with their kids.

Red Tricycle’s essential reading if you’re a parent. And if you’re not, your friends with kids will definitely appreciate the heads-up. Email this to a friend here!

It scopes out the city’s hidden gems (just like Well+Good does on the wellness scene), and tips you off to the best kid-centric cafes, outdoor experiences, rainy-day activities. And it tackles the topic of how to handle city living with a 20-pound stroller in tow.

Click here to check out the newsletter and tips for the holiday weekend.

And as a welcome gift, Red Tricycle is giving away over $5,000 in amazing prizes and experiences around Manhattan on their Facebook Page.

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