Reebok creates 50 mobile CrossFit gyms

CrossFit gyms (called “boxes” by those obsessed with the killer, cult-favorite workout) are a fitness fixture in most major U.S. cities. But that’s not stopping Reebok from getting in on the game. (Check out the movie-trailer-style commercial here.)

According to Ad Age Magazine, the company plans to trick out shipping containers as mobile CrossFit gyms—they’re typically super rustic, garage-y warehouse locations anyway—and “deliver them to 50 locations around the world, as a means of encouraging people to try CrossFit.”

Viktoria Wallner, VP-brand marketing communications at Reebok, told Ad Age that the aim is to make CrossFit more accessible, rather than fully mainstream.

Whatever its goal, Reebok will certainly share credit for giving the gladiator-worthy workout global presence, and for making it harder for more people around the world to walk the next day. —Melisse Gelula

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