Reebok debuts its first yoga line with Tara Stiles

For Reebok's first full foray into yoga fashion, the athletic apparel giant turned to the cool-girl yogi, Tara Stiles.
Tara Stiles Reebok

For Reebok’s first full foray into the world of yoga fashion, the athletic apparel giant turned to Tara Stiles, the cool-girl yogi (and former model) with a knack for making style look laid-back and simple.

“I love clothes that are really super comfortable. The softer the better,” Stiles says. “I want to design stuff that you don’t want to take off, especially because I live in these clothes all of the time.”

The result is a 23-piece debut yoga collection made with baby-soft fabrics and loose, flowing cuts. Tanks are $35, pants are $55, and hoodies are $60. The centerpiece of the line is a tank that carries the slogan “Who made the rules,” a phrase plucked from Stiles’s Twitter stream that seemed to capture her oft-cited “rebel” approach to yoga.

“The intention behind [the phrase] is empowering. It’s about allowing you to decide what the rules are for your life today, and how you want to practice yoga,” Stiles explains. “I say make your own rules, and do yoga as it works for you.”

While wearing a Reebok Yoga Hoodie, of course.

To view the collection, visit

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