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Reebok partners with Doonya on a dance collection

Reebok's not just into CrossFit. Witness its new collection with Dooyna, the Bollywood-inspired dance workout.
Reebok Dance UrLead high-top sneakers
Reebok Dance UrLead high-top sneakers. (Photo: Doonya for Reebok)


Last year, Reebok, partnered with celeb yogi Tara Stiles on a collection. Now the fitness company, which has been creating boxes and clothing for CrossFit, has also partnered with Bollywood dance-inspired fitness program Doonya.

It’s a line of dance apparel and footwear that “caters to the technical needs of a dancer.” And it’s all about the happy, healthy dance-away-your-cares side of fitness, with a cheery color palette to match.

The coral, yellow, and orange pieces (a la Bollywood) have cute details like tanks that wrap or have ties or open backs, color-blocking capris, and light-weight yet stabilizing sneakers.

“While traditionally we’ve always danced barefoot, we quickly realized that with the intensity of a fitness program we need great shoes to take care of our feet,” says Priya Pandya, co-founder of Doonya, in a press release.

That should help you move quickly across the floor and protect your arches from totally tiring out during the cinematic, choreographed routines. As for staying on the beat? Well, that’s going to be up to you.


A happy-making Doonya class in New York.
A happy-making Doonya class in New York. (Photo: Doonya)


Reebok Dance Capris for Doonya
Reebok Dance Capris for Doonya


Reebok Own Beat Tank for Doonya
Reebok Own Beat Tank for Doonya


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