Refrigerator Look Book: Alex and Sue Glasscock

Spa-owners Alex and Sue Glasscock peel back the fridge door at their dreamy Malibu home on The Ranch at Live Oak.

Alex and Sue Glasscock Most people dream of going on a wellness retreat, especially one to Malibu, California.

But for Alex and Sue Glasscock, founders of the popular wellness and detox program The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu (and sister-program R-4.0), that dream is a full-time reality. And a job.

The pair live nestled on a part of the 200 acre ranch, which includes hiking trails with panoramic mountain and ocean views, an organic farm (which the in-house chef uses to create vegetarian meals), and a team of top-notch fitness trainers and yoga instructors.

While guests are spending the week focusing on daily 10-mile hikes and kettlebell classes and eating calorie-reduced (yet beautifully presented) meals, the Glasscocks follow a more realistic 80/20 daily nutrition plan. Don’t worry, they don’t flaunt it.

“We don’t tell our guests they should eat like they do during the program in their everyday lives,” Sue says. “I go by an 80/20 rule. Eighty percent vegetarian and 20 percent everything else.”

So while at the Ranch your palette is being reset without access to sugar, salt, and unnecessary fats, the 80/20 plan is one guests can transition to when they head back to the real world. “Food is truly medicine for our bodies,” Sue says. “What we have in our fridge, and what we eat, has a direct effect on our health.” Here’s what the Malibu spa couple stock in their fridge. —Jamie McKillop

What are all of those amazing leafy greens in the two bowls? Are those from your garden? The one closer to the bottom is full of spinach. The ones that you see above, those have a lot of different herbs. If you put herbs in water like flowers in vases, they’ll last and stay fresh. The spinach I’ll put it everything from omelettes, salads, a quinoa dish, or add a handful to my smoothie. I try to keep greens on hand. With the herbs, I add them to different dishes, like salads, which gives them a different complexity.

Alex and Sue Fridge Herbs in a salad sounds great. I notice the Kombucha in the door. What do you like about it? I love the taste. It’s a great alternative to plain water if you want something more sparkling. The Kombucha gives you probiotics and enzymes, versus a sparkling water.

What about those eggs on the top shelf in the basket? Where are those from and how do you use them? Those are from my chickens. We get those fresh daily. I will do everything from hard boiled eggs or omelettes or scrambles, frittatas…

Wow! Sounds like heaven. I think that’s Bragg’s in the door. What do you do with it? I will use that when I eat sushi. I use it as my soy sauce. The Braag’s has more natural amino acids. So from a health benefit, it’s nutritionally a better choice. Plus, it has enzymes.

And what about beer? It will vary, depending on if people are coming over. Usually three or four times a week. I don’t have too much. For a woman, one glass or for a man, two.

Now take me through a typical weekday breakfast. What does that look like for you? Usually we have a smoothie in the morning. We’ve developed a Ranch Greens with fiber, proteins, vegetarian protein, and wheat grass from sea and land. I use that with almond milk and a handful of berries.

Delish. Now you can’t always be perfect. What’s something you indulge in every once in a while? Lots of things! One thing I think is really important is balance. Everyone always asks me, “Do you eat like this all the time?” referring to the detox meals at the Ranch. People can’t maintain a deprivation kind of living. I’ll eat sweets, but for me, because I’m more of a salty person, I love to indulge with some chips and guacamole. You can’t live like a saint for your whole life! —Jamie McKillop

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