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Refrigerator Look Book: Bronson Van Wyck

Typically, this event planner extraordinaire is all about the party. But he balances things out with juice, fresh produce, and a serving of dance cardio.
Bronson Van Wyck
(Photo: Bronson Van Wyck)

If a perfectly planned party could be reincarnated as a fridge, it might look something like event planner extraordinaire, Bronson Van Wyck’s.

The New Yorker won’t fess up to his ice box’s supremely coordinated aesthetic, however. “The only thing I’m organized about is events. The rest of my life is a functioning disaster, which I hopefully finish in style,” says Van Wyck.

We don’t totally believe him. The Arkansas-native, who grew up on a farm, is always ready to throw a party at a moment’s notice (naturally). His fridge is stocked with cocktail garnishes on hand to prove it, oh, in addition to lemons for salad dressing, fresh berries for dessert, Grady’s Cold-Brew, and some Juice Press sips. His mentality—and fridge—are great lessons in keeping your own life balanced.

On top of creating the lounges for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, planning anywhere from five to eight parties a week (for the likes of Vera Wang, Hillary Clinton, and Calvin Klein), and heading up Arrowhead Farms, the dressing and cocktail mix line he founded, Van Wyck still makes time to work out almost everyday. He dances off the finger foods and cocktails at Mark Fisher Fitness, where he’s become hooked and recently started attending the Ninja-inspired classes. “It gives me energy,” he says.

Here’s what Van Wyck he stocks in his color-coordinated, party-ready (and pretty healthy) fridge. —Molly Gallagher

Bronson van Wyck fridge
 (Photo: Bronson van Wyck)

I’m going to assume you entertain at home a lot? Yes, my apartment is sort of built for that. It was an old Tae Kwon Do studio. It was a big room, and I made a bedroom for myself. The rest is a room for hanging out. I have a table I got at an auction, it extends to 20 feet and I can have 24 people for dinner, which is so fun.

So where do you go food shopping? I live across the street from Eataly. When they first opened, it was difficult to shop. They had all this Italian stuff but not basic stuff. Now, they have it together, and great produce and meat. Garden of Eden is also a block away; I love that grocery store. They have great fish monger there. I’ll go to the farmers market from time to time, but I don’t always have it together to get down there, because I sleep in on Saturdays.

Tell me about the Grady’s Cold-brew…do you prefer iced coffee over hot? I love iced coffee and I love strong iced coffee. Some days I might have three of them. The flavor of Grady’s is really good. The cold brew is so much smoother.

Couldn’t agree more. You have a great supply of lemons and limes. What do you use them for? You always have to be ready to garnish a drink! People ask ‘What’s the most essential thing in the kitchen or at a bar?’ Lemons and limes are the thing you have to have. I also use the lemons for salad dressing and for zest.

What do you using the Arrowhead Farms dressings for? Those are the ones that I made! I love salad. I grew up on a farm and we had a big garden and grew every lettuce and herb. This was a daily thing for seven months out of the year. We were always dressing stuff. I love really soft, gentle buttery lettuce. I’ll use a Dijon vinaigrette for that. I like to make it, but I have the Arrowhead on hand in case I don’t have time. The Champagne Vinaigrette is our number one seller. I also love Caesar salads. One of my best friends in college was a master at making Caesar salads and taught me a recipe.

What’s the dish with layers of berries? It looks delicious! The berries are just for breakfast. I keep them in glass, so I can see what state they’re in. If I do make an Eataly run, I’ll buy a bunch of stuff; it’s the same way when I’m in the flower market. I try to store it in glass containers, so I can see the food and keep it air tight.

That’s such a great idea. Tell me about the dish in the glass container on the left? Fried chicken. We’ve cooked fried chicken for Frank Sinatra and the White House. I’d live on it if it wouldn’t kill me. I have a job where I’m not sitting. I’m moving all day—and I work out enough to somehow achieve balance.

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