Refrigerator Look Book: Craig Kanarick

The tech entrepreneur and founder of artisanal foods site, Mouth, is a connoisseur (and champion) of indie food brands. Here are some of his faves.
(Photo: Mouth)

At any given time, Craig Kanarick’s fridge is filled with delish, indie products from far and wide—a hot sauce from Hawaii, cold-brew iced coffee from Brooklyn, pickles from Colorado, and fresh vegetables nabbed from the Union Square Green Market, just to name a few.

As the CEO—and chief taste tester—of Mouth, an online artisanal food retailer, Kanarick takes his work home with him, so his fridge creates serious food (and foodie) envy.

The idea for the site popped into Kanarick’s head while he was shopping at well-known Brooklyn meat purveyor, Marlow & Sons. “I asked the butcher, ‘Why, when you make all this food, are you not selling this online?’ Of course, I was talking to a guy in a blood-soaked apron, holding a cleaver, and he said ‘Do I look like a guy who’s going to build a website?’” But the idea wasn’t a bit daunting to Kanarick, who’s known for his digital technology prowess and as the co-founder of Razorfish, which built websites for mega-brands when the Internet still caused people to scratch their heads.

So curating a bunch of cool, indie food brands for a site? Piece of gluten-free cake. And while his fridge contents might change radically day to day, they’re made with a ridiculous amount of care. “We joke that we are quali-tarians,” says Kanarick, who lives in downtown Manhattan with his wife and two kids (ages 11 and 7). Here’s a look inside his drool-worthy refrigerator… —Molly Gallagher

Craig Okay, that’s a full drawer of lemons and limes. What do you use them for? That’s the citrus drawer—we have lemons, limes, grapefruit, and oranges…we tend to have grapefruits as a snack. We’re also big fans of zesting lemons and limes to put on top of dishes.

Smart! Tell me about some of the bottles and jars on the top shelves? The fridge changes radically on a day-to-day basis. There’s a sheep’s milk from Vermont (currently my favorite cheese we sell), there are some Thai basil jalapenos from Gordy’s Pickle Jar in D.C., a Korean BBQ sauce from We Rub You in Brooklyn, and a hot sauce from Adoboloco out of Hawaii.

I take it your work and personal life overlap here in the fridge! Are there things you don’t eat? I see dairy, you shop at Marlow & Sons, etc. We joke around with people we are quali-tarians and indie-tarians—that’s our dietary restriction. We try to eat as many products from independent makers as possible. We split our shopping between the Union Square Green Market, Life Thyme Market, and we also order from Fresh Direct.

I spy Champagne…are you celebrating anything? We always have Champagne in the fridge. The wine next to it is The Prince in His Caves—it’s made by this incredible man who’s a former philosophy professor.

Gotta love a career change like that. What would you make if you were having a dinner party tonight? I am going to cook dinner tonight! I’m making a dish I haven’t had in a long time: Filipino chicken adobo. I braise chicken in a mixture of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, pepper, Bailey’s, and garlic, serve it with forbidden rice, and then cook it in coconut water.

Let me know if you have an extra spot at the table. Last question, do you shop with a grocery list? We never have a set idea of what we’re going to buy unless we have a recipe in mind. And we tend to use recipes as inspiration and adapt them based whatever looks great online or at the market. We’re not that organized to have a plan.

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