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The British chef and TV host of Recipe Rehab and Donut Showdown uses kefir, coconut water, and broccoli to ward off a host of health problems.

Danny BoomeTelevision host Danny Boome has something to brag about. On the set of his newest show, Donut Showdown (for Food Network Canada), he didn’t eat one donut over the course of 14 days of filming. “Someone had to show some self control!” he says.

For those who know him, the decision isn’t surprising. The British chef (and former professional hockey player) has been using a healthy diet to head off a host of health problems he’s struggled with for a long time, from arthritis to migraines. He’s gone totally gluten-free and refers to broccoli as his homeboy.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s also the host of Recipe Rehab, the ABC show that features chefs giving old-school dishes like mac ‘n cheese healthy makeovers. “When you challenge people to make it healthier and see what they’re swapping in and swapping out, it’s really an education for all of us,” Boome says. (The show’s first cookbook, with recipes from chefs like Candice Kumai, just hit shelves.)

We took a peek inside Boome’s DC fridge to see what he is eating. Verified: No Krispy Kremes were spotted, although he does admit to a serious weakness for Oreos.

You have a few bottles of kefir. Are you a regular drinker? I drink kefir like it’s going out of fashion! I suffer from migraines and am prone to getting sick, and since they say your immune system generates in your gut, I’ve been drinking the kefir for the probiotics. I didn’t have a flu shot this year, and I’ve not been sick once. I have a smoothie every morning with fruit like banana, blueberries, raspberries, and kefir, and then sometimes I have it as a snack. I also normally have about four cases of coconut water. With the amount of traveling I do, I really get run down. I started drinking coconut water, and it was incredible—my body repaired itself, I gained energy, I was so much more focused.

Danny Boome fridgeWow! What are some other staples you always have in your fridge? Broccoli is my homeboy. I probably eat it once or twice a day. And spinach and arugula, they’re so vitamin-rich. And then there’s also onion and garlic. I will never be bitten by a vampire. Being a European-trained chef, the base of everything I cook is onion and garlic. We’re also big fruit eaters. We’ll go through a bunch of bananas or grapes quickly, and when tangerines are in season, we’ll go through a box a week.

What’s wrapped in the foil on the second shelf? Turkey bacon. In our house, that’s called meat candy. We have to be a bit careful with that because it gets a little addictive. What we do is I’ll cook a bunch in the morning in an egg white omelet, and throughout the day, if I feel peckish, I’ll just have some cold. It makes a great snack.

I know you went gluten-free about a year ago. How has your diet changed as a result? The big one is protein. I’ve really started eating a lot more meat and fish, and then I switched over to a lot of quinoa products. I used to eat pasta like crazy. I get a lot of lentils and things now.

And are you feeling better as a result? Yes! I talked to a few people and tried a few things out, and I realized that in England, our diet is so stodgy. We drink tea with milk and two sugars—and everything is cake and sandwiches and a lot of cheese. I started cutting down things, and it was interesting, my migraines stopped, and then the frequency of the arthritis pain lessened, and the stiffness stopped. I’ve been tinkering with [my diet] for a good six or seven years, but the last two years have been amazing, and I think I have the right balance now.  —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information, check out Recipe Rehab or the new Recipe Rehab Cookbook