Refrigerator Look Book: Eden Grinshpan

Here's what the host of two Cooking Channel shows (and Babycakes alum) stocks when she's not discovering cool eateries across the country. (Exotic beer!)
Eden Grinshpan
Fast facts about Grinshpan: She received the Le Cordon Bleu’s “Grande Diplome” in both Pastry and Cuisine. And she opened a cafe in India to support an orphanage. (Photo: James Cant)

Eden Grinshpan has not one but two shows on the Cooking Channel, Eden Eats and Log On and Eat with Eden Grinshpan, for which she travels the country to find the best ethnic cuisines and get the scoop on local restaurants that top food bloggers love.

Of course, all of this eating on camera means she has to be pretty mindful of her food choices off set. How does she manage that, considering she has a yen for baked goods (and even worked at vegan hotspot Babycakes), and lives out of a suitcase for a chunk of the year?

“When I land in a new city, I usually scope out the nearest grocery store, so I can have a healthy breakfast every morning and healthy snacks on hand in between shoots,” Grinshpan says. “I usually pick up Kind Bars, yogurt, fruit… anything that’s easy to digest and light.”

So what happens when she’s back at home, cooking for herself? Well, Grinshpan’s got the most interesting collection of beer we’ve seen, a sweet tooth that we can’t begrudge her, and a trick for keeping fresh herbs that you’ll want to try.

“I’m completely inspired by my travels and love incorporating new spices and techniques into my cooking,” says Grinshpan, whom you can bet actually uses her stove. “I usually stick to making simple dishes… something I’m really comfortable with, but is really delicious.”

Here’s what’s currently stocked inside the nomadic foodie’s fridge:

I see containers of Greek yogurt. Is that what you eat for breakfast? What do you pair it with? Yogurt is a full on addiction of mine, especially Greek yogurt. I eat it almost every morning with fruit, chia seeds or flax seeds, granola and either honey or maple syrup. I have been adding pomegranates recently and it rocks!

Wow, that sounds great. What about the almond butter on the second shelf? I love almond butter. I use it on my sandwiches, bake cookies with it, eat spoons of it. Yum!

Eden Grinshpan Fridge Ha! I’ve been known to eat spoonfuls of almond butter as well. And another almond product: the almond milk on the bottom shelf. I have a collection of different kinds of milks. I’m really into smoothies and like to switch it up with almond and hemp milk.

Would you ever make your own almond milk? I have not made my own almond milk yet, but I’ve been wanting to try. It looks easy and yet would be really impressive… almond milk here I come!

Speaking of beverages, let’s talk about the beer. I love trying different beers, and these are extra cool because they’re from all over the world. If I spy one I’ve never seen before, I’m definitely going to buy it. My curiosity just gets the better of me. There are beers from Kenya, Mexico, Germany, and India in my fridge right now.

Kenyan beer! That’s so different, I love it. I see some great veggies on the top shelf. What are they? What will you make with them? I always try and have fresh vegetables in the house. Today, I have red pepper, Persian cucumbers—the best cucumbers out there, usually mixed or wild arugula, fennel, and cherry tomatoes. I also have a lot of fresh parsley and cilantro today. I rinse them, then roll them in a damp paper towel—that’s the weird looking white mound on the middle shelf. It’s the best way to keep your herbs fresh, and I use them constantly.

I also have some fresh curry leaves and kaffir lime leaves. Every time I cook with these I’m immediately transported back to India and Thailand…. I love the kaffir with fish and almost anything coconut.

That all sounds so amazing. And the glass bowl filled with a brownish liquid on the second shelf. What’s that? I made my own dulce de leche. I am waiting to either drizzle on some vanilla ice cream with some melted bittersweet chocolate and toasted pecans. Or it would be great sandwiched in between two sugar cookies and garnished with coconut—alfajor. To be honest, I might just dip my finger into it. Still trying to make up my mind about that one.

Stop it—that all sounds too delicious. What’s a great dish you’d have while traveling for your show that you like to re-create at home? I spent a day fishing and learning about sustainable seafood in Rhode Island with a blogger and fishmonger, Gabe the Fish Babe. She made a fantastic ceviche that I now do at home. You can use any white fish, and add finely sliced jalapenos, chives, lime segments and juice, olive oil, grapefruit segments and juice, and a little salt. Easy, light, and delicious.

Yum! Ceviche is so light and flavorful. Still, I don’t see a lot of “food food” here right now. What’s a typical lunch or dinner at home for you like? I am really into roasting. A typical dinner at my place would be a roasted vegetable like cauliflower, butternut squash, eggplant, Brussels sprouts, etc. I do it all. A fresh salad like sliced beets and fennel tossed with pomegranates, toasted pine nuts and fresh herbs and then a roasted meat such as roasted chicken with preserved lemons, garlic, olives and olive oil.  If I’m really spoiling myself, I make fish like stripped bass, halibut, branzino or wild salmon. —Jamie McKillop

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