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healthy Gabrielle Bernstein

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The urban-girl’s self-help guru, Gabrielle Bernstein, is known for her bestseller Add More ~Ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness, which she wrote after leaving her New York City party girl lifestyle and PR company, and choosing a healthier path. She now leads group coaching and lectures about love, miracles, and making your own happiness—a change of pace from her former life.

Bernstein’s new life includes eating well, which is harder said than done. Bernstein is about to hit the road on tour for her new book, Spirit Junkie, which debuts in September. She’ll be toting some of her favorite travel foods: “I have almonds on me all the time, and I put extra effort into guiding my own meals the best I can when I’m on the road. I’ll usually make my own trailmix. I’ll even put some drops of Young Living Thieves Essential Oil in my water to fight bacteria,” says Bernstein. What does she stock at home? Check it out:

That’s not Chinese take-out on the top shelf is it?
No, it’s kale from Souen! I would never eat Chinese takeout—I’d be sick forever. Souen is one of my favorite spots. The cold yuba is my favorite. The small containers are sesame dressing—think I’ll snack on that right now with the kale!Gabrielle Bernstein food and diet

You’re super-well stocked with Silk creamers! Do you do coffee every morning?
I like coffee in the morning or I’ll drink some Yogi Black Chai Tea and use a splash of the soy creamer in there.

Do you cook often? Looks like lots of fixings for salads instead. Is that your summer go-to meal?
I cook almost every day. But, actually, in the summer it’s a big evening salad. In the cooler months, I’ll cook more warmer foods and will spend more time at home, so that’s when you’ll see more home-cooked food in my fridge. But I make big beautiful, wild salads year-round—it’s one of my special skills! I’ll do walnuts, chickpeas, arugula, hummus, fresh lemon and olive oil dressing—just throw anything in there that I’ve got in the fridge.

What’s in the container on the second shelf?
Kale again! It’s on the top of the list whenever I prepare vegetables at home—such a great basic. Sometimes I’ll smush avocado with raw kale for a salad and make it crunchy and creamy with lemon oil and olive oil.

What’s your favorite healthy treat?
Cashews, dried mango, and Nib Mor chocolates! I’ll just grab these whenever I crave something sweet or crunchy throughout the day.

Since you work so deeply with energy, do you notice a strong connection between what you eat and how you feel?
Of course! If I’m eating meat and dairy and clogging my system, I’ll feel low-energy. When I eat raw, live foods, it supports the vitality of that energy. I’ll have protein first thing in morning rather than anything sugary. And it supports my adrenals by not having coffee on an empty stomach. Then I like to eat little things throughout day to keep my energy balanced. —Jennifer Kass