Refrigerator Look Book: Geoffrey Zakarian

In the home fridge of the celebrity chef and "Chopped" judge, fresh produce plays a starring role. And so does French butter.

Geoffrey ZakarianEven though Geoffrey Zakarian has two New York restaurants (The Lamb’s Club and The National) and has a role as a recurring judge on the Food Network’s Chopped, he still finds time to cook at home, but not without the help of his two daughters.

One of the celebrity chef’s favorite ingredients? French butter. But his fridge is stocked with fresh produce and other healthy staples. Take a look:

It looks like you’re a fan of berries. How do you eat them—plain or in things?  Actually, my daughters eat them nonstop. I use them in protein shakes, as well.

Geoffrey ZakarianYou also have lots of other fruits and a ton of vegetables. Are you mainly a healthy eater? I eat everything—good and bad. But zero fast foods.

Why so many eggs? We love eggs, and I eat egg-white frittatas a lot. It’s my daughters’ favorite breakfast.

I would think that cooking would become a chore for you, since it’s your job. Is it? How often do you cook for yourself at home? I cook everyday for my daughters’ breakfast and lunch. And dinner on weekends. They help me cook, and actually it is just the opposite of a chore! Cooking at home is a big stress reliever.

What kinds of dishes do you tend to make? Elaborate or simple? Mostly simple. Good pastas. Vegetable stir fry. Roasts of of all sorts. And simple family-style platters.

What’s in the Tupperware in the middle of the second shelf from the top? McCann’s Oatmeal. How about in the white ramiken next to the cucumbers? Mustard vinaigrette.

What’s the one thing you always have in your fridge? Water fresca. French butter. Eggs. Fresh herbs. Lemons.

I know this picture was taken a while ago, so not all of the produce is in season anymore. What would you say is your favorite fruit or vegetable that’s in season right now? Macoun apples, quince, and squash.

When you’re not pulling from your fridge and cooking, where do you eat? I’d love to know your favorite New York restaurants (not counting your own!).  I have a lot of favorites, but I love Scarpetta and Bond St. —Lisa Elaine Held

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