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Refrigerator Look Book: Ginny Simon

The fridge of the founder of Ginnybakes is filled with a remarkable amount of produce for someone who trades in gooey, gluten-free cookies and cakes mixes.
Ginny Simon of Ginny Bakes gluten-free baked goods
The gluten-free cookie connoisseur, Ginny Simon. (Photo: Shaina Leigh)

It’s no surprise that Ginny Simon, the “Ginny” of gluten-free company Ginnybakes, loves to bake. But don’t expect her fridge to look anything like Betty Crocker’s icebox.

Instead of overflowing with bags of flour or chilled chocolate chips, it’s filled with four-days-worth of bagged fruit and veggies, which she uses to make fresh juice every morning. Other than the six dozen eggs (mostly for veggie omelettes), it’s a far cry from what you might expect a baker’s fridge to look like. But balance is key, right?

At the time Miami-based Simon launched her eponymous line of gluten-free and organic baking mixes and cookies in 2010, she was working as a holistic nutritionist and constantly fielding requests from her gluten-intolerant clients for delicious desserts. Simon didn’t like anything on the market, so she created her own (which now includes vegan bars and a signature vegan cookie, as well).

It suited her personal passions, too. “I grew up with this theory, I said ‘when I have my own house, there’s going to be something baked on the kitchen counter every day.’ You know, I did it. My kids always had something freshly baked,” says Simon. She just left out a list of offending ingredients.

And while her kitchen doesn’t always look like that anymore (even though she did have a cake for one of her four sons on the counter during this interview) and her fridge might not be stocked with desserts, her purse certainly is. “I heard that Famous Amos never walked around without his own cookies…there’s never a moment that I don’t have mine on me,” Simon says.

See how the woman who literally bakes thousands of cookies fills her fridge at home:

(Photo: Ginny Simon)
(Photo: Ginny Simon)

You have an entire shelf dedicated to produce. Tell me about that? We juice every single morning. We go through a huge amount of fresh produce. My husband and two of my kids are Paleo. I’m a practicing vegetarian right now.

My CSA offers a juicer’s box—you can sign up for an extra box that includes roots, greens, extra kale, and ginger! On Tuesday, I bag it up, so, in the morning, if I’m rushing, I can grab a bag from the fridge and juice it. I like cilantro, beets, kale, dandelion, cucumber, half an apple, ginger, and one carrot (for my eyes and skin) in mine.

We’d love to juice with you in the morning! What’s in the blender? I make a kale shake for my husband first thing in the morning. He likes to drink it in the car. He’ll have his green shake with kale, hemp seeds, coconut milk, and Justin’s Almond Butter. My one son breaks open a coconut every Sunday, so we can use the meat for the week.

Other than juice, how do you stay hydrated? During dinner, we’ll put bottles of Pellegrino on the table. We only drink water and tea. I’m not a huge water drinker, but I drink coconut water. We do have wine in the house, but for everyday drinking we don’t have bottled juices or anything—it’s make-it-yourself.

Alright, give us the scoop, how do you not eat cookies all day? I have to tell you, I’m addicted to my Dreamy Vegan Delight cookies, but I’m mindful that they’re a treat. My bathroom is filled with boxes of all the cookies, so I can grab them when I’m on my way out. We also keep Ginnybars in the fridge (you can see them on the top shelf)…we’ll grind one and make it into granola. They’re also really good if you stick them in the freezer.

My husband and kids love the double chocolate cookies, but my kids were accustomed to seeing desserts growing up…they would casually eat a small amount, it wasn’t abused.

Ah, eating cookies at your place is like wine in some households. Got it. What are some of your favorite meals to make? We make a lot of fish. My favorite is wild king salmon and kale sautéed with raisins and pinenuts. In the morning, we’ll sometimes make veggie omelettes. We’ll also eat chicken or grass-fed organic beef at times, but protein is a condiment in our house…it’s not the main course. —Molly Gallagher

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