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The nutritionist, author, and founder of Bestowed aims to make healthy eating easier for busy people. Maybe like you? Here's how she does it at home.

Heather BauerNutritionist-author (The Wall Street Diet and Bread is the Devil) Heather Bauer’s most recent venture, Bestowed, aims to make healthy eating easier for busy people. (Maybe like you?)

And it’s no wonder the delivery box full of healthy grab-and-go snacks has taken off. Bauer knows a little something about managing a busy life herself—as an entrepreneur, business owner, commuter, and presider-over of a household of six, including her husband, three children, and an au pair.

“There are weeks when we’re too busy and we don’t get to create the perfect fridge,” she says. “But I try to give my kids balance.”

That means veggies and dips are always on hand for snack time, but that Friday nights also double as dad-and-daughter baking fests, a quality time activity that’s not short on sugar.

We took a peek inside Bauer’s fridge to find out more about how she prioritizes and keeps her family healthy.

Um, your fridge is enormous! I’m so jealous. I know! It’s big because we live in Westport, CT. That was the first thing I noticed when we moved from Tribeca. I was like “Oh my god! It’s double the size of our New York City refrigerator!” Even when I do a huge food shop, it doesn’t look full. The large food store in the suburbs are so much fun, too. Even the Whole foods is double the size. I’m, like, in heaven.

When you grocery shop, are you thinking about testing new products for Bestowed, too? Yes! There’s nothing more exciting than discovering a new healthy product than sharing it. Part of the reason we fall off of healthy eating is because it’s boring. People don’t know how delicious and tasteful it can be to eat healthy, so I love discovering new products for people.

Heather Bauer Fridge

You’ve got milk, cheese, yogurt, and sour cream. No fear of dairy in your house? I have three growing children, and my children need it for calcium, and we don’t have any dairy intolerances in our house. I make sure that all of our dairy is organic, and the same goes for meat. It’s very important to me that there’s no added hormones, so I’m very specific about what I buy. I personally drink almond milk and don’t eat that much dairy.

Do you buy Nuttzo in place of peanut or almond butter? I love it, and my kids love it. There’s no added sugar and it’s an interesting combination of seeds so the omega 3s are much higher than in traditional almond or peanut butter. And the proceeds go to charity. There’s also a chocolate Nuttzo, which we ran out of, but my kids love it because its like a much healthier version of Nutella. We put it on whole wheat or gluten-free waffles.

Are you gluten-free? My stomach is really sensitive and I have a sensitivity to gluten. And my daughter has bad eczema, so cutting out gluten has been really helpful with that. So we do buy a lot of gluten-free products like cereals. It’s so easy now.

I counted eight different sauces or dressings on the bottom shelf of the door. The kids are always so hungry in the afternoon, so I’ll let them pick a fun gluten-free snack and veggies, and they like to dip them in dressing. I also have three balsamic vinegars—my daughter loves it over tomatoes, and it’s great for marinating mushrooms. It’s so easy to quickly sautee them and balsamic gives them such a nice flavor.

Do you go out to eat as a family, too? On the top shelf, it’s hard to see, but we had two leftover sushi rolls. My kids love sushi; they love California and avocado rolls, so we’ll do sushi night. There’s also this place near us called the Fat Cat, and they have a great gluten-free pizza. There are leftover wedges at the top in foil. —Lisa Elaine Held

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