Refrigerator Look Book: Isauro Fernandez

We caught up with the founder of Vino Y Yoga and Ki Power Vinyasa to find out what else, besides yoga, he enjoys with a glass of Verdejo.

Isauro FernandezIsauro Fernandez is known for Ki Power Vinyasa, a style of yoga he created that blends the “the movement and breath of Vinyasa with the grace, focus and physical intensity of the martial arts.”

But lately, he’s been sharing his Spanish roots with his students in a new series of workshops and retreats called Vino Y Yoga, where he pairs Trikonsanas with Tempranillos. “Once I was able to appreciate my culture and the wine, I wanted to fuse it together with yoga,” says Fernandez.

We caught up with the oenophile yogi to find out what other (edible) things he enjoys with a glass of Verdejo.

First of all, that may be the reddest pepper I’ve ever seen. It is a very red pepper! I don’t know what it’s doing on the shelf in the center like that. It’s not usually there, but I do always eat a lot of peppers.

Ha! A little fridge styling for the camera. What about the can on the top shelf? What’s in it? That’s my dog Spirit’s food—it’s a senior dog food complex with vegetables and fish. She’s a boxer, and she’s going to be nine in March. She’s also the Ki Power Vinyasa mascot.

Adorable. What’s in the bag in the center of the middle shelf? Dog or human food? That’s halibut. I eat fish, and I do eat meat, but less often. My diet is really Mediterranean—seafood, wine, a lot of olive oil—that’s the way I was brought up. I do cleanses, and I’ve done just veggies, but I really just try to just bring balance into the equation. A lot of my authentic yogi friends say “What kind of a yogi are you?” and I say, “Who ever said I was a yogi?”

Isauro Fernandez
Not photographed: The fridge door full of red wine!

I’ll probably say you’re a yogi in this article…but I see what you’re getting at. What’s in the giant Tupperware? Arroz con pollo! My mom makes the best and she lives in Queens, so I try to get over there every few weeks. I don’t think I’ve ever had to ask her for leftovers. When I’m leaving her house, she’s like, “Mi nino, take this!”

I’m jealous! Do you cook for yourself as well? Not regularly, but I enjoy grilling when the weather’s better. I love sushi and I go all over the city finding the best. My favorite foods are sushi and Spanish food.

Speaking of Spanish…let’s talk about wine! You have a lot of bubbly in your fridge. Are you a big fan? I do love it, but those are there because it was the holidays, and people were coming and bringing me bottles.

And why do you keep red wine in the fridge? That’s a Spanish thing. I like it room temperature, which is really like 68 or 69 degrees, so I’ll take it out 20 or so minutes before I’m going to drink it.

Got it. You’ve been combining wine and yoga lately in your Vino y Yoga workshops. Why is yoga and wine a good pairing? I think at least for me, it’s a way to connect with the moment and to connect with others—through a yoga class or a glass of wine. Instead of doing the poses really quickly, you should be able to feel the poses. Just like you don’t chug a glass of wine—you savor it, you taste it, you drink it in conversation with someone. It brings you into a relaxed state just like yoga does. —Lisa Elaine Held

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