Refrigerator Look Book: Jackie Warner

Jackie Warner West Coast trainer Jackie Warner doesn’t just work out with celebs, she is one.

Warner first introduced her fat-burning philosophy by opening her own gyms in Southern California, and she found fame after starring on Bravo’s Work Out and now hosts in the network’s popular show, Thintervention with Jackie Warner.

She also has a slew of workout DVDs and a brand-new book, 10 Pounds in 10 Days: The Secret Celebrity Program for Losing Weight Fast.

One of her secrets? “All of my favorite foods have natural fat-burning and hormone balancing properties,” says Warner. Consider that clue number one to what we found in her fridge:

You have a ton of water bottles. Do you just grab them when you’re on the go and working out? Yes, always. The best weight loss tip I give is to drink three liters of water per day. It speeds up your metabolism by 33 percent and burns 100 calories per day. Instead of worrying about going on cleanses, you should be drinking a lot of water.

Speaking of working out, I see a lot of protein-rich foods—cottage cheese, eggs, peanut butter… Are you consciously stocking up on protein? Yes, you need protein to build muscle and stay toned. Cottage cheese is the one cheese I do eat, because it’s a natural fat burner. I always have it and when I’m on the run, I just gulp down a couple of bites—low-fat, of course. I eat two eggs every day because they contain the purest protein. And peanut butter is fantastic, too. It has good fats that cue your body to burn fat. You don’t want to eat too much, but I put it in my whey protein shakes before working out.

Jackie Warner Refrigerator

What else do put in your shakes? Mixed frozen berries, frozen spinach, whey protein powder with antioxidants in it, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and dried oats for a slow-digesting carb.

Got it. Now tell me about what’s in the casserole dish on the third shelf? It’s grilled chicken and vegetables. Some of the vegetables I grow!

And what’s in the big pot? That’s my homemade tortilla soup. It’s amazing: I use roasted tomatoes, prepared roasted chicken, chili salsa, low-sodium chicken broth, and a package of frozen corn. I just let that cook for about 30 minutes, and it makes a really healthy, wonderful soup. And it’s so simple! Five minutes to prep, and then you can do your thing while it’s cooking.

On the top two shelves of the door, it looks like you have some oils and supplements—what are they? I have a probiotic, flax seed oil, mixed greens, and watercress. I add these to things when I’m cooking, I may just sprinkle it on steamed broccoli, for instance.

In your book, you focus a lot on the bad habits people have that lead to weight gain. What would you say is the number one bad habit? I’ll tell you exactly what the top one is, especially for women—it’s skipping meals, like breakfast. When you don’t eat frequently enough, your insulin level drops, and the next thing you eat is then stored as fat because your body is starvation mode. Don’t let your insulin levels drop and become a fat storing machine! If you eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner—5 small meals—that would be ideal. —Lisa Elaine Held

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