Refrigerator Look Book: Jesa Henneberry

This New York natural foods chef is the genius behind Urban Detox Club's delicious raw, vegan meals—but she's a "total cave girl" at home.

Jesa Henneberry may be the genius behind Urban Detox Club’s scrumptious raw, vegan spaghetti squash Pad Thai, but don’t let that fool you.

“I am personally a total ‘cave girl’ and follow the Paleo diet. My other meal delivery client programs are pretty ‘meaty,'” the healthy chef explains.

Henneberry, a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, overcame her own food sensitivities by cleaning up her diet, and she now offers customizable meal plans (from raw to super-meaty, but all with natural, whole foods) through her meal delivery service, Goodie Goods.

And when she’s not chopping and sauteing, the fitness buff competes in natural body building competitions. Here’s what the cave girl’s got in her fridge:

You cook with and without meat. Are there any food groups you generally avoid? I generally don’t cook with dairy because it upsets my belly. Although, in the summer, if you stick a spoon in my hand and set me free in an ice cream shop, all rules go out the window!

What kind of meat is in the paper-wrapped packages to the left? Those are seafood and meat. It’s all fair game in my home. Lean meats like chicken breast, turkey breast, pork tenderloin, and skirt steak to name a few! Oh, and I always love to have fresh shrimp. It’s so quick to cook and so healthy!


What’s in the containers on the middle shelves to the far right and the metal bowl on the bottom shelf? I made a big batch of chili to have on hand to eat throughout the week. I love one pot. Big batch dishes that reheat easily and can be enjoyed over the course of a few days, especially soups and chili in the winter months.

In the metal bowls I’ve got some mixed veggies marinating. I’ll roast up a bunch one day and throw them into salads, a frittata, or just have them as a side dish.

I also see some shredded carrots. What do you use those for? I like to use the shredded carrots in salads or cole slaws. I hate julienning, so at home I take shortcuts and buy the pre-shredded bags.

Ha! As a chef, what are a few kitchen staples you make sure you always have on hand? A good assortment of oils and vinegars. I eat a lot of salad, so I like to have options when it comes to making a quick vinaigrette. Not just balsamic and olive oil. That would get boring. And I always need to have greens to make a salad, and I must have peeled garlic. It’s just one of those things to make life a little easier.

Since you’re constantly cooking for other people, do you still enjoy cooking for yourself? I love cooking for myself. I don’t get to do it very often. But, when I have the time, I go all out! I try to get in one solid home cooking day a week so I can pack the fridge with healthy stuff to have throughout the week, like the chili. That way I’m not eating junk or take out. I also do my best to stay creative when cooking for myself. I get to experiment with new recipes and my hubby and I get to be the taste-testers. —Jamie McKillop

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