Refrigerator Look Book: Jody Adams

The famed Boston chef and "Top Chef Masters" contender just showed Miraval spa guests what she cooks at home, and now she's showing us.

Jody Adams Earlier this summer, famed Boston chef Jody Adams kicked off Miraval’s Chef’s Night In, a series of weekends that feature healthy celebrity chefs—like Adams, Brooke Williamson, and Mindy Segal—showing spa-goers what they cook at home, and how everyday home cooks can do the same.

Adams, who owns Rialto and Trade and was a competitor on Top Chef Masters, was the perfect healthy example to get it started. She cooks with fresh ingredients, and rides her bike 70-90 miles on weekends in preparation for the Pan-Mass Challenge. (When we spoke, she was excited to treat her tired muscles to a massage at Miraval.)

Adams says that when it comes to home cooking, she tends to go slightly simpler than at her day job. “I wouldn’t necessarily take six hours to make a sauce for myself, but I would use the same kind of ingredients, like rack of lamb or striped bass.”

We took a look inside her fridge to see what else she’s whipping up, and how she stays fueled while cycling. Prepared to be wowed by the protein she packs in her bike jersey instead of power bars…

Okay, first thing’s first. Is that a doll on the top shelf? Yes, my daughter stuck it in as a joke. It was from a wedding cake, and she was putting it everywhere all over the house, like “Where’s Waldo?”

Jody Adams That’s pretty cute. What’s in the big glass jar next to it? Kimchi? Pikliz, a Haitian coleslaw. My daughter loves it. We visited Haiti in February, and they serve it at every meal. It’s cabbage, carrots, a lot of citrus juices, garlic, habanero peppers, some vinegar, and a little bit of sugar. There is kimchi behind it, and the little jar in front is a Vietnamese dipping sauce I made.

Is the barrel-aged feta any different from your run-of-the-mill feta? Yes, I think it has a deeper, richer flavor. It’s not as acidic; it has time to mellow.

Is that tofu in the plastic container towards the bottom? Yes, I’m training for the Pan-Mass Challenge, a two-day bike ride across Massachusetts. The training rides are 70, 80, 90 miles on the weekends, and I get really tired of those power bars. Everything is sweet. So I make tofu spring rolls that I can put in my bike shirt!

I can’t wait for other cyclists to read this. What’s in the glass container on the bottom? That’s leftover pizza. We visited a goat cheese farm, so we made a very simple pizza with goat cheese, porcini, and arugula.

Sounds amazing. For less skilled home cooks, what’s your best advice on making healthy cooking easy and tasty? It’s all about a variety of staples that allow you to really expand the flavor profile of what you’re cooking. Things like the pikliz, a dipping sauce, preserved lemons, a pesto. That way you can take a piece of lean protein or a veggie stir-fry and really add something with big flavor to it. —Lisa Elaine Held

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