Refrigerator Look Book: Kathryn Budig

West Coast yoga teacher Kathryn Budig is known for being a “yoga-foodie” and even contributes recipes to our friends at MindBodyGreen.

Budig’s travel schedule is hectic–she’s the face of ToeSox and Pangea Organics–and she just shot her first DVD for Gaiam called Aim True. But she still finds time to make homemade soups for lunch and stock her fridge with fresh herbs for smoothies.

What does a day in your food diary look like?
I start my day pretty early so I always make a shake. That big tub on the upper left side is SP Complete Powder which I add along with Flaxseed oil and a bunch of good veggies and fruit. If I don’t have to be up as early I’m a huge fan of eggs with avocado and spicy brown mustard! Lunch is normally a homemade soup (Tomato Fennel or Asparagus) and a steamed artichoke (so addicted) and dinner roasted fish, quinoa, sauteed veggies and a little something sweet like chocolate or frozen grapes when I get the craving.

It looks pretty sparse in there. Do you cook?
It’s sparse because this was taken right after being on the road for a while. I also do my best to eat as much unprocessed food as possible, so a ton of my fruits and veggies are out on the counter along with a cabinet full of quinoa and brown rice. I love to cook and do it as often as possible.

From the milk-substitutes it looks like you may skip dairy, but eat eggs?
I’m not vegan but I do have a mild dairy allergy. Eggs and butter don’t bother me, but other forms of dairy don’t settle well so I lean towards rice and coconut milks. I find that heavy dairy tends to wear me out and make me feel heavy so I keep it out of my diet.

How do you use the fresh parsley and herbs?
I use them in my morning shakes as well as with almost everything I cook from homemade guacamole to herbed quinoa and roasted fish. Nothing beats the flavor of fresh herbs! It makes a regular meal special.

Are Tim Tams your Achilles heel?
Ever since my trip to Australia! I fell madly in love with them (simply nothing healthy about them, but hey. . .gotta have something)! One of my Aussie students sent me a huge care package with a ton of Tim Tams. So yes, I’m saying there used to be quite a few more than you see now. . .

What’s in the adorable little orange Le Creuset pot?
Isn’t it cute?! It’s dip I make for my steamed artichokes. Olive oil, sea salt, lemon juice and brewer’s yeast. I’m totally addicted to it.

What’s in the packages on the bottom shelf? Seaweed?
Raw cocoa nibs! I’ll throw them into smoothies or put them in coconut yogurt with bee pollen. I love the crunch and anything from the chocolate family is good with me!

Anything else about being a yoga foodie we need to know?
Food is meant to be loved and enjoyed! I can’t think of a better way to express my love for someone than to have them over for a home cooked meal. Enjoy indulgences, but just remember on  a regular basis that how we feel is directly affected by what we put into our body. That being said, find organic un-processed food that makes your body perform and respond fully but remember to enjoy and have fun.

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