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Larysa DidioBefore she was training Olympians, running a gym, and co-authoring Sneaky Fitness: Fun Foolproof Ways to Slip Fitness Into Your Child’s Everyday Life, Larysa Didio was an anthropologist, and she’s used that background as a foundation for her fitness career.

While studying social anthropology, Didio says, she found that “working with natural habits, as opposed to forcing different habits that would not be natural, helps people become happier and more successful.”

Today, she applies that knowledge while training clients like Olympian Nastia Liukin, Sting’s wife Trudie Styler along with well-known actresses and news anchors. She also owns Physical Fitness Xperts in Pleasantville, New York, and teaches her newest workout program, Mind and Body Bootcamp, throughout gyms in New York City and Los Angeles.

Here’s what this anthropological fitness expert has in her fridge.

You have quite a mix of dairy substitutes in your refrigerator, from almond to coconut milk. Do you have a favorite? I think it’s great to have a rotational diet. I don’t think we should relay on one particular food item. I love coconut and soy milk. In fact, I get a lot of migraines from monthly changes in estrogen levels, and I find that if I have a serving or two of soy milk a month, the natural estrogen in soy wards them off. My daughter also has a serious intolerance to milk, so I find that almond and coconut milk sit really well with her. We just like to change it up in our family. And I’m addicted to coconut. Anything that’s coconut, I worship. Piña Coladas included.

What started the coconut addiction? Years ago, I was having some problems with acid reflux and needed to find something natural to help because I hate taking medicine. I read that coconut water was helpful, so I started sipping it throughout the day, and it absolutely cured my acid reflux. Coconut water also has the equivalent of two bananas in potassium, and with it being low sugar and readily digestible, it becomes an unbelievable diuretic. Coconut oil is awesome because it can retain high heat without become carcinogenic. So I just think we should all worship coconut. Let’s get a coconut statue somewhere.

Larysa Didio FridgeWe’ll look into it! What’s inside those three-stacked containers on the second shelf? That’s leftover Chinese food my husband made the other night that we stored in glass containers. I stink at cooking. I would rather scrub toilets than cook. The only reason why I do it is for the health of my kids. But If I can get someone else to do it, I will!

How nice! What are some of your favorite meals that your husband makes? He makes me egg whites with basil, avocado, and tomato with a lemon dressing for breakfast. It’s really, really good. Also, I’m slightly anemic so he’s always trying to get more turkey and beef into my diet. He makes this turkey beef chili with garbanzo beans and chickpeas. He also makes homemade hummus and puts sliced vegetables in a bag for me, so I can have veggies and hummus. I’m always trying to get more fiber, as we all should be.

Is that tea in the clear mug on the top shelf? Oh, yes, I am addicted to tea. I have 50 different kinds of tea in my cupboard. My husband’s ready to get me in a 12-step program. I love Jasmine tea and German rock sugar that Teavana uses to sweeten their tea. It’s really light and brings out the flavor. I have a cup of tea in the morning, and if I don’t finish it, I put it in the fridge, so I can have iced tea in the afternoon.

It’s finally spring in New York. Do you find that your eating habits change along with the change in seasons? They absolutely do. As soon as the sun comes out, I crave lighter meals and fresher produce. I believe that everyone puts on a couple of pounds in the winter. It’s just natural to eat heavier meals when it’s cold out. But when it’s sunny, I don’t feel like eating as heavy anymore. —Amy Eley

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