Refrigerator Look Book: Laurel Holloway

Laurel Holloway Laurel Holloway, co-founder of Fitness Fight Camp, a kickboxing and Muay Thai workout program, spends a lot of her time teaching New Yorkers how to jab and cross in Central Park.

But Holloway is not just a personal trainer, she’s also an active Muay Thai fighter—a champion fighter, to be exact.

We looked inside her fridge and found that an ultra-clean, high-protein diet fuels her mean uppercut.

What’s in the plastic tubs on the top shelf?
Amazing Grass powder with vitamins, all kinds of good green raw ingredients, and other things like maca and acai. The other is another multivitamin powder with extra B vitamins. I recently added wheat grass powder to my arsenal, too. All of these replace the daily multivitamins I used to take. They taste good enough just mixed with water, but I also put them in smoothies for a double dose right after a really intense workout.

How do you incorporate the flax seeds into your diet?
I’ve used them to replace the fish oil capsules, and they go well with so many things. My favorite things to put them in are smoothies, oatmeal, and especially Greek yogurt with cinnamon).

Laurel Holloway Refrigerator Do you like to cook? What are some of your go-to dishes?
I’m a pretty sorry cook, but cutting out grains and eating a lot more eggs for my fight diet has made me work a little harder at putting meals together. My favorite egg combos are scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach served over salsa and avocado, or over-easy eggs with some kind of lean meat like ground chicken or turkey or smoked salmon. I’ve also recently started cooking everything with coconut oil—it has so many beneficial properties, and I love the flavor!

As a Muay Thai fighter, what are the most important nutritional needs you pay attention to?
My primary concerns come down to making sure I am eating enough healthy fats and protein for satiety and to repair my body. Energy is obviously a huge factor too, so while I keep the carbs low for most of my meals, I make sure I have some right before I train—like a banana or apple and some peanut butter—and some after, like berries in a smoothie with protein powder and plenty of coconut water.

Does your diet change if you’re prepping for a fight?
I cut out almost all grains. Since smart calorie cutting is my main objective to get to a certain fight weight, I really have to narrow it down to only the essentials. I’ll have oatmeal with protein powder once or twice a week if I’m going for a run as soon as I wake up. But otherwise I stick to mostly protein and fats and get my carbs from fruits and vegetables.

Yes, what about vegetables?!
I try to have a big salad at least once a day to fit my veggies in since I’m actually not a huge fan of vegetables. And I’m not going to lie, I also eat eat a big square of baker’s unsweetened chocolate every morning to keep my chocolate cravings under control!

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