Refrigerator Look Book: Laurel Wassner

What does the first-ever cancer-beating pro-triathlete eat? Check it out.

woman triathlete Laurel Wassner At five-foot-three and 110-pounds, triathlete Laurel Wassner is, well, tiny—but she’s also a fighting machine. Not only did Wassner take second in this year’s New York City Triathlon, trailing only her twin sister, Rebeccah, she’s also the first-ever cancer survivor to actually become a pro-triathlete. So what does she chow down on to stay so fierce? Take a look.

Ok, first thing’s first—why so much yogurt?

Every time I go to the store I find that I buy a few containers of Chobani Greek yogurt. It has more protein than regular yogurt and it’s fat free. I think it has a much better taste than regular yogurt, and it’s a perfect snack before a workout with some nuts.

What do meals look like for you when you’re training?

I start the day with a big bowl of old fashioned oats with real maple syrup, raisins, dried cranberries, and almonds, with a sprinkle of salt. After my first workout, I have a second breakfast, which is usually something like peanut butter and coconut oil on a rice cake. I was never really into rice cakes, but I learned that combo from a training partner, and it works.

Laurel FridgeSometimes if I have more than one workout, I have to repeat this “meal” later in the day. When I’m finished with all my workouts, I start craving something other than what I consider athlete’s food. I usually have hummus and carrots in the fridge for a go-to pre-dinner snack.

Dinner usually consists of a large salad with arugula or spinach, avocados, nuts, pumpkin seeds, a hard cheese, and some kind of protein like chicken or smoked salmon.

What about when you’re not training? Do you eat like the rest of us?

When I’m not training, I don’t eat quite as much, and I enjoy getting to eat non-athlete’s food! My routine is to go to my local favorite coffee shop, RBCNYC, for a coffee and a muffin—they come from Bouchon and are so good—and then maybe heat up some leftovers for lunch and have a small dinner, or go out. Also, people always ask, so, yes, I drink wine and, yes, I drink beer. Just not too much if I have to get up to swim at 6 a.m.!

Laurel RefrigeratorI wasn’t even going to ask! But what’s the Hemp Dream on the door of your fridge for?

I was riding with my friend Jodi and she described her ultimate smoothie. It contained hemp milk, coconut milk, and a bunch of other things. So, I bought the hemp milk and concocted my own variation. I usually mix it with a recovery product called Ultragen from First Endurance and a banana. It’s the perfect recovery shake after a hard workout.

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