Refrigerator Look Book: Laurie Brodsky

What does a Paleo-leaning, naturopathic doctor eat? We found out!

Laurie Brodsky Aside from running her naturopathic practice in New York’s Financial District and teaching cooking classes at The JCC in Manhattan, you might find Laurie Brodsky, ND, camped out at Whole Foods.

“When I go to the grocery store, I literally spend ten minutes in each section,” admits the avid label-reader. “I check out every single product until I find the perfect one.”

Not only is good nutrition part and parcel of being a naturopathic doctor, but Brodsky’s also a huge proponent of the Paleo lifestyle. “I won’t just eat any kind of chicken,” she says.

Find out what goods make it home to this foodie doctor’s Paleo-leaning fridge:

What is the relationship of being a naturopathic doctor and food? I’m pretty sure not every ND teaches cooking classes. Food is the best medicine we have, and I encourage my patients to start seeing the grocery store as their pharmacy. Eating a diet rich in real, fresh, whole foods turns on genes that protect us from cancer, whereas junk food can turn off these cellular protectors. I’m passionate about eating at least three plant-based, balanced meals a day. That said, the art of cooking is a skill and tool, and I believe it should be taught like math, science, and English in school. I’m helping out with that!

How do you personally choose to eat? I’m a huge proponent of the Paleo Diet and lifestyle, as it promotes clean, anti-inflammatory eating. A typical day include tons of fresh vegetables and fruit, healthy raw nuts, seeds and fats like avocado and coconut, along with pastured eggs, lean wild caught seafood, and grass-fed organic protein. Being a blood type O, I tend to do best without grains and dairy products, and this certainly reflects on my skin and with my digestive system. Right now, I’m watching a few more things because I’m pregnant.

Congratulations! Being Paleo, how have your eating habits changed in pregnancy? One of the biggest challenges for me is not being able to buy raw, cold-pressed juices. You’re not supposed to have anything unpasteurized when you’re pregnant, so I’ve been juicing on my own. I try to have as many fresh fruits and veggies in my fridge as possible, so I don’t have any excuse. My regular smoothies have spinach, kale, flax seeds, nut butters, and berries. My secret ingredient is half an avocado. The texture becomes thick like yogurt. It’s out of this world!

You actually have several kinds of nut butters in your fridge. Do you have a favorite? I recently found the most amazing one from Artisana, and it’s macadamia nuts mixed with cashews. No other ingredients. I’m obsessed.

Sounds amazing! What do you have hidden in the metal canister on the top shelf? That’s my ground flax seed. I keep it in the fridge because they have really delicate oils and go rancid quickly. Aside from adding it to my smoothies, I’ll toast some Ezekial bread, spread on nut butter, and sprinkle flax on top. Or I’ll add flax to oatmeal.

Laurie Brodsky Two plastic tubs of hummus! I’d say you’re a fan. What do you like to eat it with? I get really hungry easily these days, so I’ll try and nibble on hummus with cucumbers or celery. I’ve also been mixing hummus into my salad dressings lately. It gives it a little extra protein and a really cool taste.

That’s a brilliant idea. What are your plans for the purple cabbage? I’ll slice it really thin and add it to a salad for lunch or dinner. It delivers awesome cancer protection and antioxidants. I also like it steamed with a little olive oil and salt. It goes along with any meal as a really good side dish.

What’s in store for the bok choy? I love to steam bok choy and drizzle it with sesame oil and sesame seeds and put that beside a nice teriyaki-crusted salmon. I also have this steamer with three layers where I can steam the fish in the bottom layer and then steam the bok choy right above the fish. You can steam the whole thing in less that seven meals.

Do you have any guilty pregnancy pleasures? I am loving this brand of chocolate called Fearless. It’s raw organic chocolate, no additives, no soy, dairy-free. I like to keep it in the freezer and will have a few squares of that. Or I’ll add goji berries to my tea for a little bit of sweetness. —Amy Eley

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