Refrigerator Look Book: Loren Bassett

What fuels the fiercely fit lifestyle of Loren Bassett, founder of Bassett's Boot Camp? A whole lotta protein, tons of veggies, and the odd Diet Coke.

Loren Bassett Loren Bassett takes the power in “Hot Power Yoga” seriously. When she’s not teaching the class at Pure Yoga or David Barton Gym, or selling real estate for the Corcoran Group, she’s pumping iron and working with a personal trainer.

Last month, she created Bassett’s Boot Camp, a four-week program that combines hot power yoga with high-intensity cardio, strength training, and core work. (It will be offered again in the early fall, so stay tuned.)

We took a look inside Bassett’s fridge to find out what fuels her fiercely fit lifestyle.

It looks like you get A LOT of protein. Why so few veggies?
I need a lot of protein because I teach power yoga, lift heavy weights, and do a lot of cross-training.

I also drink juiced green vegetables every day, but I don’t make it myself. I have a juicer, but I find it easier to go to health food stores! So I do get a lot of veggies. I just drink them.

Loren Bassett Refrigerator Seitan is usually a meat replacement. But I see you eat meat. So, do you just like the taste?
I do! I LOVE the taste. I like it better than tofu actually. I’ll mix it in the wok with olive oil and vegetables, and it’s delicious!

Is that hummus in the Tupperware on the middle shelf?
It is. I make homemade hummus a lot. I don’t always have it, but I love to put it on a piece of chicken or turkey. It’s so healthy and filling.

So you make hummus, but do you cook?
When I say “cook,” I mean throw things in a wok or boil chicken. I’m not a big cooker, because I know I’ll make really good food that’s fattening, and I won’t be able to resist eating it all. I don’t like having leftovers, just like I don’t keep chips, bread, or any carbs around—except vegetables.

Is that part of staying lean?
Yes! I eat protein, vegetables, and eggs, and I don’t eat bread, crackers, or cereal. Sometimes, I’ll have a piece of 7-grain toast with an egg-white omelet in the morning, but that’s it.

Loren Bassett Refrigerator I have to ask about the Red Bull, Diet Coke, and wine. Why the unhealthy drink choices?
I’m a big believer in balance. I work out hard, and I like to reward myself in certain ways. So I do drink wine, or the occasional vodka and soda when I go out. I don’t drink any of it regularly, but I’ll have a Red Bull once a week or every other week.

That Diet Coke will last me four or five days. When I finish a hot yoga class or really hard workout, for some reason that I can’t explain, I crave just a few sips of Diet Coke. These are my guilty pleasures.

Real estate and yoga seem like a very odd pair.  How do you balance your two worlds?
They are different, but I’ll tell you that I’ve gotten a lot of clients through yoga. And yoga is a relief and a passion of mine, so it’s relaxing and rewarding for me to teach. Would I want to be a full-time teacher and teach 20 classes per week? Probably not. I love it too much and wouldn’t want to burn out. —Lisa Elaine Held

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