Refrigerator Look Book: Lorna Kleidman

Kleidman set a world record for kettlebell lifting before teaching the workout to New Yorkers. What is she lifting on her fork? We found out.

Lorna KleidmanIn the kettlebell world, Lorna Kleidman is an elite athlete. Since 2007, she’s competed in ten national and international competitions, winning gold medals in all. In 2011, she set a world record.

Kleidman has since given up competing, but she’s bringing her knowledge and enthusiasm for lifting the giant weights to the fitness world via her workout method, KettleX, which she teaches at the Fitness Cell Collective and at Equinox at 50th Street and Broadway.

We peeked inside her perfectly organized fridge to find out what fuels her intense workouts and rockin’ physique.

Wow! Your fridge is so neat and clean. Well, we have a clear glass door that you can see through, so it’s got to be organized.

That’s really smart. I see you have almond milk. Do you avoid dairy? I don’t eat a lot of dairy anymore because I find my skin and allergies are better without it. I’m not against it, but I just feel better this way. And I love the unsweetened Almond Dream. I have it in my coffee, in my granola, in my shakes.

Are shakes part of your regular routine? I usually have one or two a day. I make them with whey protein, and if I’m having one before I work out, I’ll add strawberries, almond butter,  and some coconut oil. If I have a shake after, I’ll add a banana, but take out the fats. I also love PB2, it’s a peanut butter powder that’s been stripped of fats. It’s fabulous tasting, and I’ll put it in the post-workout shake.

You have a lot of eggs. Are they a staple? Yes, I love organic, cage-free eggs. I have a couple scrambled or hard boiled most mornings with a little oatmeal on the side.

And lots of fruits and veggies. Are they the basis of your overall diet? Yes, I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and fish. My food philosophy is first of all to start healthfully, cutting out preservatives as much as you can, trying not to eat packaged foods, and eating fresh, organic, if you can. It’s just about cutting out things that are processed, and sugars, extra salt, white breads, white rice, and white potatoes.

That makes sense. What’s in the plastic tray on the second shelf down? Organic chicken breasts. I bake them a lot.

And in the Tupperware on the third shelf with the things wrapped in foil on top? Those are sweet potatoes in the foil. On Sundays, I cook up maybe four of those in the oven, and then I have them whenever I need them. For example, I’ll have a small piece of chicken with a sweet potato for lunch. The Tupperware is brown rice. Same idea: I make it in abundance so I have it for the week.

Smart! I see you’ve also got some Patron hiding in there. Yes! My husband and I will have one or two cocktails on the weekends. We used to drink Cosmos, but we got bored with them, and a bartender suggested we make them with tequila. So we make tequila Cosmos on the rocks. It’s a delicious drink for when we entertain at home.

Competing in kettlebell championships must have been pretty intense. Did you have to eat differently then? It’s an endurance, power sport. It’s not about what you look like, it’s about how many times you can put the weight over your head in 10 minutes. So, when I was training, I was eating a lot more than I’m eating now. I had to fuel my metabolism and keep my muscles strong, so it was a lot more calories, and more carbs. Now, I don’t eat half as much as I did before. —Lisa Elaine Held

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