Refrigerator Look Book: Mary Nolan

Mary Nolan is Bon Appetit’s Chef de Cuisine and the former host of the Food Network’s Chic & Easy. And she seriously loves her veggies.

Mary NolanMary Nolan is Bon Appetit’s Chef de Cuisine and the former host of the Food Network’s Chic & Easy.

Since we met her while she was sauteing spicy Brussel sprouts with Ryan Scott at the launch of Bon Appetit’s first line of cookware for HSN, we thought maybe veggies were her thing.

Boy, were we were right.

Here’s what the chic, healthy cooking star keeps in her fridge.

You have lots of veggies in Tupperware. Do you just wash and store them like that or are they pre-cooked? Some are raw and some are par-cooked. I tend to get really hungry without much notice, so I try to have things on hand so I can make sensible decisions. For me, hunger leads to poor food choices.

That makes sense. So, how do you eat them? Individually? In a stir fry? The raw vegetables, like carrots and celery, I eat raw and just munch on throughout the day. The par-cooked vegetables I have ready to go so that when I’m cooking dinner nothing takes too long. Did I mention that when I’m hungry my patience also wanes?!

Mary Nolan FridgeWhat’s in the container all the way in the back of the top shelf on the right? That’s chili my husband made. I’m lucky to be married to someone who loves to cook, too. Whenever one of us makes soup, we make extra to go in the freezer, so that dinner is never more than a few minutes away.

Wow, I’m definitely jealous of your two-chef household. I had to look up Lillet to see what it was. Is it a fave after-dinner drink for you or do you cook with it? I actually like to drink it while I cook. On the rocks, twist of lemon. Delicious. But just one, or dinner will never be served!

Do you cook a lot at home, or are you sick of it since it’s your day job? Yes, I cook quite a bit at home. The kitchen is my happy place. I occasionally get tired of it, so that’s when that soup in the freezer comes in handy.

What’s a go-to dish you like to make for yourself? Eggs. I eat them almost every day. If not over-easy for breakfast, an omelet is the perfect vehicle for transforming leftovers into a satisfying dinner.

There’s been a lot of attention lately on the unhealthy lifestyle attributed to many chefs. You obviously eat super-healthy. Do you think you’re an anomaly? I can’t speak for everyone, but moderation works really well for me. I don’t deprive myself of anything (there’s some heavy cream and cheese tucked back there somewhere), because when I do, I just crave it more!

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