Refrigerator Look Book: Michele Promaulayko

(Photo: Michele Promaulayko)
(Photo: Michele Promaulayko)

Health editor Michele Promaulayko knows more than a little about wellness.

Promaulayko spent the last six years as the vice president and editor-in-chief of Women’s Health, before being cherry picked for her current role as the editor-in-chief of Yahoo Health.

And over that time, she says, the focus of her industry has changed, shifting from an obsession with teaching people how to  count calories to an interest in showcasing habits that contribute to a well-rounded, holistic lifestyle. “The biggest thing is how much more informed the consumer and the reader have gotten,” she says. “People are embracing whole health—not just the basic pillars, but the larger realm—from quality of sleep to meditation. They know to be truly healthy, you need an integrative approach.” Word.

With that in mind, Promaulayko just released her second book, 20 Pounds Younger, on December 23, 2014, and it’s far more comprehensive (and less pounds-focused) than the title may suggest. “It isn’t just a weight-loss plan,” she says. “It’s about optimizing every aspect of health, and the interconnectedness of our systems.”

In the book, Promaulayko focuses on a mindful eating plan instead of a prescriptive one, as well as strength training, which she wants more women to embrace. How does that play out in her own life? We got a peek inside her fridge.

And guess what? There were definitely no “magic” diet pills to be found.

(Photo: Michele Promaulayko)

I notice one of Dr. Frank Lipman‘s products on the door. What is it? It’s his probiotic powder. I love it because as we’re all taking supplements, popping a pill just gets arduous. I tend to like it in different forms. The powder is tasteless. I’ll put it in some water, in smoothies, or into a hot quinoa breakfast. It’s so utilitarian. A bottle of fish oil is next to it. It has a lemon flavor, so it doesn’t have a nasty aftertaste. I’d rather have a teaspoon of that than a pill.

What about the miso paste on the top shelf? Looks fancy. It’s South River Chickpea Miso. I’m sort of obsessed with making miso soup and throwing all sorts of veggies in there. I’m hell-bent on replicating the miso soup with zucchini noodles they serve at Souen in the East Village. We recently featured the Paderno spiralizer in the Yahoo Health gift guide. I’m thinking I need to gift that to myself. I’ll also do a miso dressing to pour over veggies.

I see Chobani’s pumpkin yogurt next to the miso. Are you pumpkin-obsessed? I have to admit that I’m a pumpkin junkie. I actually owned the URL for a while. True story! I thought I might do a recipe-based website, but I never found the time. Next to it is Siggi’s spiced pear yogurt.

What about the Intelligentsia coffee? Did you get it on a trip to Los Angeles? I used to smuggle this back from LA before they opened in the High Line Hotel, which is right down the street from me in Chelsea. Dave Asprey was just in here talking about Bulletproof Coffee, so I’m going to give that a whirl. I don’t have a problem with coffee. If you’re reliant on caffeine that’s not a great thing, but for me it’s a morning ritual. When I first met [Dr. Frank Lipman], we had a conversation about coffee, and he told me I was actually okay with it. It’s a meditative decompression practice for me, and there’s a benefit to that. I also have few vices, and it’s big in other cultures, and I don’t want to miss out when I travel.

Agreed. How do you use the seeds in there? I’m big on nutritional boosting—adding ingredients to dishes to pump up the benefits. So hemp seeds on salads and eggs, chia in smoothies or yogurt, flaxseed in hot breakfast dishes, spices on and in everything. I also sprinkle a dusting of matcha powder on air-popped popcorn for a fresh, herbaceous, antioxidant-packed kick.

I’ll have to try that. Are those kelp noodles in the green bag? Yes, I used to walk by these in the store and wonder what the hell to do with them. I knew that sea vegetables had a lot of vitamins and minerals, but I was stumped. Then I found the basil cashew-butter kelp noodle dish in the cookbook Choosing Raw—what a revelation! I made it for Gabby Bernstein when she visited my beach house. I like to be adventurous and try new things. —Jamie McKillop

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