Refrigerator Look Book: Mike Del Ponte

The creator of the pretty, sustainable filtered-water pitcher Soma orders organic groceries for his staff and sips green juice almost as often as water.
(Photo: Soma)

A water-spilling-everywhere Brita accident inspired San Francisco entrepreneur Mike Del Ponte to create Soma, the first super-pretty, sustainable filtered-water pitcher, which you can now spot on the tables of wellness insiders everywhere (i.e. at chef Daphne Cheng’s vegan supper club in New York).

And the innovation has been good for his own health, too.

“I’ve always been a huge health nut, and hydration is so critical,” Del Ponte says. “The difference between me having four or eight or more glasses of water is huge—I feel more energetic, my skin looks better, I just feel healthier and happier.”

Plus, water is pretty key when you’re hitting regular CrossFit and yoga classes every week. “For me, it’s the best combination. CrossFit is the best intense workout, and yoga will stretch you out and balance you out,” he says.

Del Ponte spends lots of time passing on this sustainable, healthy perspective to his staff at Soma’s headquarters, so we let him give us a peek into the refrigerator there and found out more about what he’s eating (and drinking) both in and out of the office.

Office refrigerators are usually filled with take-out and old food no one has claimed. Is your staff just crazy healthy and conscious? As a company, we meditate every morning together. We have this gorgeous rooftop, and we’ve been meditating on the roof together. We’ve done yoga and we just did this outdoor exercise class called Fitmob. We try and build that mentality into everything, so we eat only healthy food. We’ll order in organic lunch, tons of fruits and vegetables.

(Photo: Soma)

Then is a lot of this communal food? Some of it. We stock the kitchen once a week with groceries, and then different people bring different things in. I always bring in salads, other people will bring almond butter and cut apples.

I spy a juice from The Juice Shop. Are you a big fan? We love it. We did a cleanse as a whole company. Personally, I always go for the darkest green juice.

Me too! What about the Runa? Do you drink it as a pick-me-up? I love Runa. It’s a low-sugar tea. I’m not a coffee drinker, and I like it in the afternoon because it gives you energy, but not in the way coffee makes you jittery. It gives you a really subtle afternoon energy boost.

And what do some of your typical meals look like? A big salad with some kind of lean protein on it, like a huge mixed salad with some salmon on top. For breakfast I’ll usually do some kind of scrambled eggs and veggies, and I always make a green juice. I typically make it at home and then drink it on my way to work in the car. I try to stick to lots of plants, all organic, and local when we can.

You’ve got to have at least one guilty pleasure, other than the wine I see?! Hmm…any of the amazing ice cream places in San Francisco. Smitten is such an incredible place, I love going by on the weekends.—Lisa Elaine Held

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