Refrigerator Look Book: Natalie Uhling

UnderArmour Natalie Uhling
Natalie Uhling in Under Armour (Photo: Natalie Uhling)

Natalie Uhling, whose tough-and-toning SLT boot camp classes are regularly packed, knows a thing or two about staying in shape.

She grew up in an athletic family, so fitness has been a major part of Uhling’s life. As an adult, she’s tried pretty much every fitness class in the city. “Teaching at SLT has been the perfect fit for me as an instructor,” says Uhling. “Pilates, kickboxing, dance, and toning classes are really my niche.”

Uhling also puts her workouts to excellent use as fitness model. Signed to the W Fitness division of Wilhelmina, she’s worked with such clients as Under Armour, Nike, and Target.

So what does a workout-loving fitness model eat? Bananas are her favorite pre-workout snack, and hard-boiled eggs or green juice after workout. But to find out more about what Uhling’s regularly reaching for to stay looking so great, we asked her to open her fridge.

I see lots of raw veggies! What do you do with those? Veggies are my thing! I eat them for snacks, cut them up and put in salads, steam, and roast them. Roasting veggies in the fall is one of my favorite things to do.

fitness model diet

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see fruit as well. Do you eat them raw or do you make something with them? I eat them raw and whole. I love all fruit. Growing up my mom made huge fruit bowls for us every day. My mother is an amazing cook. I grew up eating like a champion.

What do you use the lemons for? I chop lemons in my water, I use them when I make my homemade salad dressings, I coat my asparagus with them, and I put on my fish. Also did you know that when you cook fish you should squirt lemons in your sink to get rid of the smell? My mom did this growing up. Best trick!

What’s in the plastic bag? Chilean sea bass. My favorite fish.

Do you eat the Greek yogurt for breakfast? I’m lactose intolerant—it’s for my husband, Drew. He eats it every morning with Ezekiel cereal.

So the egg whites are probably yours? I absolutely LOVE egg whites. They’re a huge source of protein for me. I make them with a lot of meals.

Can you tell us about the asparagus in the bowl. What’s your plan for it? I eat things that are in season. So summer is about asparagus! I either blanch the asparagus or roast them.

fitness model fridge 2

What do you use the herbs for? Herbs are a cook’s best friend! I use them on everything. I put rosemary in my eggs with sun dried tomatoes. YUMMY! I also use dill on my watermelon and on my fish.

That sounds amazing. Are those brown bottles nutritional supplements? Yep! They are liquid calcium and liquid collagen. A client of mine has the best skin and she told me about liquid collagen. I love it! Tip: Always ask people with good skin what they do!

What’s that black bottle? A bottle of beer. I don’t drink. It’s for Drew.

Oh, I see some wine, too. What’s your take on alcohol? I throw a lot of dinner parties, so we keep our fridge stocked. Alcohol is fine but in moderation. I don’t drink because I want to compete at a high level. My job is so important to me. I take it very seriously.

Are you allowed any guilty food pleasures? Yep, dark chocolate! I love M&M’s! Yummy. —Sharon Feiereisen

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