Refrigerator Look Book: Noelle Twiggs

This former Wall Streeter is the creator of Green Lemonade, a cleanse-focused blog that stocks healthy tips and recipes. We peeked in her detox-centric fridge.

Noelle Twiggs detox blogger Green LemonadeNoelle Twiggs, a former Wall Street analyst, is the creator of Green Lemonade, a cleanse-focused blog that stocks healthy tips and recipes.

She started the blog after experimenting with one too many fad diets. “After a horrible experience on an extreme cleanse, I decided that a more gradual approach to cleansing and rejuvenating my body was best for me,” says Twiggs. “I thought others might feel the same.”

Many New York women do (including us). So we took a peek inside Twigg’s fridge to see what fuels her super-clean lifestyle.

First off, tell me about the herbs. That’s an interesting way to store them. I know! I store my herbs in pretty bouquets because it makes me smile when I open my fridge, and I find that I’m more likely to use them when I can see them. I put fresh herbs on most all of my meals—including my salads. I rotate among parsley, mint, and dill most often.

All of your fruits and veggies are so nicely stored in glass containers. Is that a start-of-the week project? After years of talking about making the investment in a few glass containers, I finally did it. I eat what I see when I open my fridge. When I stored the fruit, veggies, and lettuces in my fridge drawers, I often forgot about them. So now when I get home from the store, I take 15-20 minutes to toss everything into these containers. It’s actually not that bad of a project.

NoelleWhat’s in the two small glass containers in the middle of the third shelf from the top? Those are cooked beets and a half of an avocado. Between me and my one-year-old son, we eat a lot of both.

There’s a lot of food in your fridge, but no leftovers. Do you cook? What does a typical dinner look like? Yes, I do cook, and I make a good effort to keep a few go-to meals on hand. This quinoa tabbouleh salad, for instance, is a staple in my fridge. I snack on it, toss it on a salad, and even put a scoop on top of a baked potato to make a quick mid-week meal. This month though, I’ve been doing a modified whole foods and juice cleanse, so I’ve been operating with a leaner fridge.

That explains the juices. Yes, I love the juices from the Cooler Cleanse, especially their Essential Greens juice (it’s less sweet than some popular green juices), and their Essential Vegetable juice. I like to order a Customer Cooler from them (which has 6 juices) and fill it with my favorite flavors when I want to indulge myself in a week of healthy eating. This month, I’ve been focused on enjoying more vegetable juices, smoothies, and produce to fully shake off winter and combat tired skin. I’ve noticed a difference in my skin just after a few days.

Your blog, Green Lemonade, is focused on cleansing. Why the focus on detox? Why do you think it’s so important to a healthy lifestyle? Green Lemonade is really my inspiration board where I like to share details of how an everyday cleansing lifestyle works for me. My hope is then that other beauties can take and embrace what works for them. Sure, a few days on “just juice” is one way to cleanse. But embracing a few more organic fruits and veggies, eating a few more leafy green salads, and nibbling on a few meatless meals each week are also gentle ways to dial up your body’s natural rejuvenation work. —Lisa Elaine Held

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