Refrigerator Look Book: Patricia Moreno

What does new mom and intenSati founder Patricia Moreno eat to stay so darn peppy? Take a peek in her fridge.

Patricia Moreno Working out is meant to change your body, not your life. Unless, of course, you’re a student of Patricia Moreno, founder of intenSati—the cardio-meets-martial arts practice in which students chant positive affirmations while they exercise.

So what does the ever-positive and peppy new mom eat to stay energized between leading classes at Equinox, creating new workouts, writing books, and changing a few diapers? Here’s the scoop:

Okay, first things first: What’s in that pitcher? Looks delish!
It’s a pitcher of filtered water and sliced oranges and lemons. Sometimes I slice cucumbers or apples or put frozen berries instead. It helps me drink plenty of water, because it gives it a light flavor and seeing it in my fridge reminds me and entices me to drink up.

And what’s that thing next to it—Forti-Flax? What’s that for?
It’s ground flax seeds that I sprinkle on oatmeal, yogurt, salads and smoothies. I get all of the benefits of fiber, plus a comprehensive profile of organic-source vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and Lignan.

You’ve got some almond milk. Is that an indication that yPatricia Moreno Refrigerator ou don’t do dairy? Because I see some Greek yogurt, too…
I like to keep my dairy products to a minimum. But I love Greek yogurt, and it’s pretty much the only dairy I use. Unless I drink coffee—then I use some milk in that, as well. I love almond milk to add to oatmeal or smoothies or on the rare occasion that I choose a cold cereal for breakfast.

And prune juice?! I’m impressed.
Actually I don’t drink the prune juice myself. My pediatrician suggested it for my newborn when she’s constipated. She seems to love the taste and it certainly works for her. I haven’t tried it myself!

Tell us a little about the acai. Is that a favorite brand?
My wife, Kellen, loves to drink acai juice and she picked the brand. She’s from Brazil, where it’s really well known. She’s been drinking it long before we knew about it here. I actually love the frozen pure acai you can buy at Whole Foods that doesn’t have sugar. I mix it into Greek yogurt or to make a smoothie. Or, I’ll add cubes of it to water just like ice cubes—it flavors the water slightly and is really refreshing. —Catherine Pearson

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