Refrigerator Look Book: Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott Bon Appetite
Hottie chef Ryan Scott also runs catering company, Ryan Scott 2 Go

West Coast chef Ryan Scott planted his flag in the culinary world as the talent behind the now-shuttered but much-loved Myth Cafe in San Francisco. It was that and his telegenic qualities that lead him to a contestant role on Top Chef’s Season 4.

The Eater Hot Chef nominee (San Fran edition) is now the face of Bon Appetit‘s first-ever line of cookware (lucky them!), which debuted last month on

When we caught up with Scott at the Bon Appetit Collection launch, he hinted at new projects on the way that showcase healthy cooking. Until we can know what channel to tune into (or where to make a reservation), we asked him to let us in his fridge to see what he’s cooking in those new pans.

Your fridge is pretty bare. Is that because you’re mostly on the go? Yes and no. My girlfriend Lesley and I just moved into our new house and haven’t really been there a lot. I usually never cook at home and Lesley works at Google and has the best cafeteria in the world at her disposal. So as you can see, we just have the necessities like booze and hot sauce.

What’s in the bowl on the middle shelf? I actually made soup the other night with my new Bon Appetit Cookware. It was a vegan green curry soup with udon noodles and bok choy.

Sounds amazing. How about in that big, clear container on the second shelf of the right door? Oh! That’s Lesley’s coffee from Pete’s Coffee. She likes to do the French press thing and I use my Keurig.

Ryan Scott

What are the two bottles in the crisper drawer near the greens? Some sort of supplements you take? Ha! Yes they are green plant powders and pills! All the nutrients you need in a veggie form. If I’m in a rush, I use the capsules and powder when I have a second to make a drink with raw cranberry juice.

We do these Look Books with all kinds of people, but every time I profile a chef, they always have Sriracha. What’s the deal? Is it the restaurant world’s hot sauce of choice? The shit is good! I also love Texas Pete’s and Cholula. Sriracha is the chef go-to for a lot of stuff, but I actually cook with Tabasco a lot also because of the acid content.

You have lots of wine and bubbly. Do you entertain a lot or are you more of a glass-of-wine with dinner kind of guy? We just always have wine, bubbly, and beer to wind down with after our crazy days. Life is so short! Drink. We also have people over every chance we are home and absolutely love to entertain.

Most of the people we interview live in New York. You live in San Fran, so I’m curious—what do you love about San Francisco’s food scene that New York can’t compete with? Anything? I don’t like to play this East/West game. But I do feel that New York pushes the boundaries like no other and takes food to a whole new level. It has the fieriest, toughest chefs anywhere. I think the West Coast, especially San Francisco, makes food shine and takes a natural product to its highest peak and doesn’t really manipulate it as much. Sometimes simple is just tastier. —Lisa Elaine Held

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