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Refrigerator Look Book: Sascha Lewis & Natasha Blank

Sascha LewisAs the co-founder and CEO of online cultural guide Flavorpill, Sascha Lewis needs a lot of energy.

He gets it by practicing yoga at studios around the city with his live-in girlfriend, Natasha Blank, a holistic health counselor and the founder of yogi-dance party Get Your Dance On.

The couple also fills their fridge with healthy items from the Food Co-Op where they are both members, just down the street from their apartment in Park Slope. We took a look inside their fridge:

So who does the shopping? Natasha: We kind of switch on and off. One of us will go and the other will say, “Just get the good stuff!” We pretty much know what to get for each other by now, although I forgot coconut ice cream last time, and Sascha was upset.

Sascha LewisHow about the cooking? Natasha:What would you say, Sascha? Who cooks more? [laughs] Sascha: Well, it depends on how you define “cooking.” If you count boiling brown rice pasta and making eggs, I cook as much as Natasha. But if you mean, like, actually putting ingredients together in a pan and creating something good, then Natasha wins.

To the fridge: What’s in the bottles? Are you novice beer brewers or soda jerks? Natasha: Our friend Spiro runs Beyond Kombucha, and he’s always here. Every time he comes over, we have a potluck, and he brings us unlabeled specialty brews. Sascha: One of the ones you see here is his newest concoction, which is a champagne!

Are those veggie sausages, or are you meat eaters? Sascha: They’re chicken! We’re both former vegans. But the best way to describe us now is that we’re “flexitarians,” because we’ll eat real vegetarian cuisine and enjoy it, whether it’s quinoa, or rice and beans, or any hearty, well-cooked vegetarian meal. At the same time, we’ll get organic, farm-raised chicken or fish and have that. Over the course of the month, we probably have 8–10 meals that have meat in them.

What’s with the Bee Pollen? What do you do with it? Sascha: That’s mine—it’s one of my favorite ingredients in smoothies. Occasionally, I’ll just put it in my hand and shove it in my mouth, particularly in the morning. I also use it a lot in my goat’s milk yogurt, with maca, hemp protein, and fresh fruit and nuts.

Do you ever disagree about food? Is there something one of you loves and the other hates? Sascha: There is definitely one thing. Natasha: I love seaweed, and Sascha won’t let me near him when I’m eating it. Sascha: Usually, I think she’s the most attractive person on the planet, and I have trouble keeping my hands off of her. But when she has seaweed in her hands—or worse, in her mouth—there’s got to be a 3-5 foot distance between us. —Lisa Elaine Held

The next Get Your Dance On is Saturday, October 22 at YogaWorks Soho. For tickets, visit