Refrigerator Look Book: Sophie Jaffe

The raw food chef and Philosophie founder keeps her fridge stocked for smoothies—with creative ingredients and superfoods you'll totally want to copy.

Sophie Philosophie Sophie Jaffe is a Los Angeles-based cleanse connoisseur and raw food chef to the stars. And when we say stars, we mean stars. She’s whipped up meals for the likes of George Clooney, Stacy Keibler, and Gerard Butler (who she’s also coached in private yoga classes—um, jealous!).

But Jaffe’s approach to eating and cleansing is surprisingly down to earth—and her company Philosophie offers various cleanse packages and superfood powders so us non-celebs can get in on the action.

“My personal philosophy is all about balance and not putting yourself in a box,” says the mother of two. “Be open minded. We go through different phases when our bodies need different nutrients.”

Here, Jaffe opens her fridge to let us see what a cleanse master puts in her personal smoothies and juices. Hint: it’s not just fruit…

What’s in those colorful jars? Do you stockpile smoothies? Yes. If I’m going to take my blender out, I’m going to make as many things as I possibly can at one time—that way my kids or my husband can drink them. It means there is no excuse for them to not be healthy that day. Everything is there.

-5 You’re a yoga teacher and certified personal trainer. What do you eat around workouts? If I know it’s going to be rigorous, I’ll have oatmeal with some nut butter and fresh fruit. For a lighter workout, I’ll just have a piece of fruit or a fresh juice. After, I always have a 20-ounce protein-rich smoothie with one of my superfood blends. It’s important to get something that’s easily digestible and that will replenish everything I’ve lost.

I spy some hemp oil on the bottom shelf. How do you like to use it? It’s a great source of omega-3 fatty acid, which is an essential fatty acid, meaning that you don’t create it in your body, so you have to get it from food. I add it to salads, with some grape seed oil or olive oil, or just put a tablespoon in a smoothie. It tastes very earthy and clean.

And you’ve got some Veuve Cliquot on the back bottom shelf. Do you drink? For me, it’s about balance and indulging in things that make you feel good—not taking out everything that you enjoy. My husband is addiction specialist who focuses on moderation, and I teach my clients the same thing through food. Have fun. Enjoy your life. If you have a slip up, don’t feel guilty and horrible about it. Don’t let it take you down.

I also see some clear packets with pink and purple labels. Are those your powders? They are! I add my superfood blends to everything—from oatmeal to smoothies to juices…even deserts. My new motto is to make every food a superfood. I even add them to almond butter and toast for my kids.

What’s that whole leaf concentrate all about? That’s aloe—another addition to my juices and smoothies. I tell my cleanse clients to do four ounces of aloe right before bed, as a shot. It keeps you regular and it’s really healthy for your hair, skin, and nails. And if you’re feeling bloated, aloe is one of the best tricks to fit into a dress. —Jamie McKillop

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