Refrigerator Look Book: Stephen Charles Lincoln

Find out what the founder of The Protein Bakery snacks on, why he keeps garlic in the freezer, and how he kicked his diet soda habit.
The Protein Bakery's
The Protein Bakery’s Pumpkin Walnut Chocolate Chip cookies are to die for, and totally worth an extra few burpees!

Ever notice how the founders of wellness and fitness companies often have a great story of their own health awakening? That’s the case with Stephen Charles Lincoln, founder of The Protein Bakery, whose brownies and cookies are stocked around New York City, including Barry’s Bootcamp.

Lincoln founded the fitness-friendly bakery in 1997 after his own 82-pound weight loss that jump-started his healthy lifestyle.

Now, a long time trainer and instructor at David Barton Gym, his philosophy about health is all about finding balance between diet, exercise, and indulgence.

We checked-out Lincoln’s fridge to see how he manages that, and to see what other sources of protein he stocks, and more.

I see some of your brownies and cookies in the freezer…why? Because they make the best-tasting ice cream cake in the world! Actually, my customers told me they’ve been eating them right out of the freezer and they’re delish this way.

What do you use the frozen garlic for? I keep both cubed garlic and basil in my freezer. I toss them into sautéed vegetables, or add them to chicken, or anything I make on the stove. One of my favorite things to do is throw two frozen cubes into steamed brown rice. Yum.

Smart! So that’s what you do with all that frozen chicken? Yes, or I marinate it with a cube of frozen garlic and possibly salt, pepper, and lemon. Then I house it in the bottom of the refrigerator in the Tupperware with red lids.

I see you’ve got coconut water. Are you a fan? Coconut water is an obsession. I teach 13 fitness classes a week, AND I lift three additional hours on top of that. Between this and running around for The Protein Bakery, dehydration could be my middle name. This way I stay naturally hydrated. An added bonus is that it satisfies my sweet tooth, so it helps me keep away from sweets.

Do you bottle your own water? Yes! Those face down bottles are Sodastream. Prior to my obsession with coconut water, sparkling water was the way to go. Seltzer cured me of my addiction to diet sodas, and provides a green and healthy alternative.

I see eggs, but actually not many protein sources. Do you find yourself eating out a lot? I’m an old school, rustic Italian cook. But I love New York for all the healthy options you can get delivered within an hour! Organic salmon, chicken, and beef are some of my favorite protein sources. I also jump into black beans and legumes. I don’t cook with them too much, but order dishes containing them a lot.

I see Chobani. What’s your take on regular vs Greek yogurt? I simply like the taste of Greek yogurt, though I’ve never turned down a carton of regular yogurt in my life.

What are the bottles on the bottom left? Those are two bottles of True Blood from the TV series. It’s actually an orange passion fruit fizzy soda (that goes swimmingly with vodka). I think it’s hysterical whenever someone comes over and sees the True Blood in the refrigerator. They always comment on it. In a world filled with wonderful food, could you imagine drinking only blood every day? —Sharon Feiereisen 

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