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Resolve Campaign

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New Year’s resolutions can either flourish or wither in January. What are the determining factors? Support, structure, and motivation.

JackRabbit Sports is stepping up to provide all three with its innovative Resolve Campaign. Yes, the NYC sportswear chainlet famous for perfectly fitting your sneakers also has the tools and the know-how to coach you through the minefield of January fitness.

Here’s how Resolve works in three simple steps:

Step One: Register here for the campaign, which will require you to pick a resolution. (Ours, by the way, is to start training for a May half-marathon).

Step Two: Check out the complete calendar of events online. JackRabbit is hosting over 30 free talks, networking clinics and workouts! What caught our eye? The Intro to Adventure Races on Jan 18 and How to prevent running injuries through strength training on Jan 11.

Step Three: Stick with your resolution for a full month and collect a limited edition JackRabbit T-shirt designed exclusively for Resolve graduates!

Supercharge your resolutions today with the help of JackRabbit Sports. If it were any easier they’d lace up your sneakers for you!