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Restaurant Week’s healthy side

New Yorkers usually think of Restaurant Week, which kicked off on Monday and runs through July 25th, as a temporary passport into the city’s temples of decadent, expensive cuisine. Thirty-five dollar dinners at Le Perigord and Jean Georges have typically been the coveted stamps of a successful Restaurant Week.

But what if you want Restaurant Week without the stick of butter and slathered in sauce? We culled through the 250 participating restaurants to bring you the healthiest dining destinations.

Rouge Tomate
This Michelin-starred restaurant earned that honor without the help of any butter or cream (the kitchen eschews both). The food is flavorful, nutritious, seasonal, and gorgeously presented.

When I ate here on Monday night, Mark Bittman was one table away. And as his new gig at Cooking Light proves, the Minimalist has gotten healthier. The prix-fixe menu was deliciously balanced and nutritious—an appetizer sampler, tuna sushi, black cod with miso, cold sesame soba noodles.

Bill Telepan’s restaurant focuses on couture Greenmarket cooking. While the focus isn’t health per se, the ingredients are impeccably sourced and the preparations skip the fuss.

A studiously seasonal, Greenmarket-centric restaurant in the East Village.

For the next Restaurant Week installment, we’d like to see more health-conscious entrants like Pure Food and Wine. Which restaurants would you enroll?