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RIP: Kombucha?

Kombucha bottles pulled from Whole FoodsTurns out Whole Foods is pulling kombucha, the popular fermented tea, from its stores, says the New York Times. Conversations between the store and several kombucha manufacturers revealed that the “elevated” alcohol content of the popular health tonic may be high enough (0.5 percent) to warrant a government warning label. And a martini glass.

Gawker is completely upset that the $5 “hippy” beverages have been yanked from stores. And readers of the gossip site wasted no time drumming up Kombucha-flavor analogies: From “a dead man’s fart” to “a wine cooler left in a hot car” (that was actually Tina Fey’s comment on “Letterman”).

While there are 209 Whole Foods stores affected by this decision, many of the New Yorkers who love Kombucha, love it enough to make their own, Well+Good reported. And given that the health benefits of the popular skunky potable far outweigh that of microbrewed beer, the other popular skunky potable, it might also find some new fans.