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Scott-Vincent Borba
Scott-Vincent Borba with his book, "Skintervention." Photo credit:

Scott-Vincent Borba, founder and CEO of Borba skin care products (and the same man who tried to serve us $22 anti-aging cocktails last year) launched his line of  “topical and ingestible” products at Walgreen’s this weekend, after the same products disappeared from the shelves (and website) of more sophisticated beauty retailer, Sephora.

To celebrate the occasion, Borba was at Walgreens’ Union Square location this Sunday, January 30th, from 12-4PM, offering complimentary skin consultations and special discounts on his products.

We missed the event, but if we’d been there we would have asked him what the three different types of sugar in his Skin Balance Gummi Bears—organic tapioca syrup, organic sugar, and organic tapioca syrup solids—will do for your skin. We’d love to know.