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4 apps to keep your wellness and self care game in top shape Pin It
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It seems as though nothing in wellness circles is still niche or undiscovered: Celebrities are obsessed with their crystal collections, woo-woo wellness has officially gone mainstream, and everyone wants to figure out their optimal self-care setup. But when you’re, like, actually busy with an active social life, a workout schedule to adhere to, and a burgeoning side hustle, finding time for self care can be a struggle. With your smartphone as an ally, though, you can infuse spare pockets of time with restorative wellness via genius apps.

Headspace essentially pioneered the digital-mindfulness terrain eight years ago now, though since then, many apps have expanded upon and innovated that landscape, making it easier than ever to find a mobile assistant to facilitate your self-care routine—no matter how extensive it may (or may not!) be. Whether you need some help gaining focus via Sway, or want to listen to ambient sounds to boost your productivity via Noisli, options worth downloading abound. (Bonus: Two are free!)

Find a mindfulness app below that’ll help you make time for self-care.

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