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Sex advice and tips that topped 2017 Pin It
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Sometimes it seems like sex advice is a little too readily available, but the really good between-the-sheets intel? Finding that can feel like discovering a four-leaf clover or a piece of $4 avocado toast. (Not to mention the results those gold-star tidbits can yield. Wow.)

This year, Well+Good editors gained a lot of insight about sex, like how lube can affect condom effectiveness and how marijuana affects your libido. Here’s a refresher course on the most-clicked-on sex news, info, and advice from 2017.

Below are 5 sex tips that that got Well+Good readers most excited.

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1. This is the one thing couples who have better sex do on the reg

Keeping the fire alive in your relationship is, unsurprisingly, about being attentive to your partner and their needs. Here’s how.

Graphic: Hannah Packer

2. Use your horoscope to decode your sex style

Your zodiac sign can help you figure out your crystal preferences and your essential oil needs—but it can also give you some insight about what is (or isn’t) happening in your bedroom.

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3. This is the most popular time of the week to have sex

It seems that most people are getting busy when they’re…not busy.

kundalini sex tips
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4. Improve your sex life with Kundalini yoga tips

Using a distilled version of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on how to amp up your sex life, Guru Jagat offered advice on the key ways and methods to improve how you get your freak on.

tips to keep your marriahe exciting
Photo: Courtesy of Sophie Jaffe

5. Bring excitement back into your long-term relationship

Familiarity tends to make relationships feel like they’ve fizzled out. Insta-famous couple Sophie and Adi Jaffe got real on how they keep things exciting and interesting in their relationship.

For some under-the-radar gems from this year, see what a relationship coach says you should do every day for a healthy sex life, and here’s everything you need to know about the A-Spot and the P.S-Spot.