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Photo: Shannon Vaughn

Welcome to My Morning Routine, where Shannon Vaughn and other good-life gurus share their personal (frequently surprising, often healthy) morning rituals—to help you make your a.m.’s more awesome. 

Shannon Vaughn
Wellness entrepreneur and founder of detox beauty brand Pursoma

The first thing I do in the morning is take a pH test, which is usually a very accurate measure of how I’m feeling overall—plus, it’s fun! Then I hydrate: an ounce of water taken with my a.m. round of supplements: Vitex, a daily go-to for women’s reproductive health, followed by my favorite, Tao in a Bottle, the complete stress-management strategy.

For caffeine, I have green or black tea, but on weekends, I switch to half-caffeinated coffee—that’s my treat. After, I spend some morning cuddle time with my toddler. Once she’s out the door, I go exercise. If I’m at the farm off Chesapeake Bay, I cycle outdoors for 20–30 minutes pretty quickly. If I’m in New York City, I box at Church Street Boxing Gym in Soho. I tend to like exercises that are focused and singular, either alone or with a trainer. Boxing for me is a moving meditation—you’re focused, clear, and can’t think of much else other than thoughtful moves, or else you get hit!

Post workout, it’s about transitioning through the seasons for me. If it’s hot, I’m inclined to have a fresh juice. I have a great garden that yields almost everything I need to make it. I pick my produce before I exercise, and it’s juice time when I return. In colder and fall weather in NYC, I eat at home. A nutritionist told me the best way to eat is like a queen for breakfast, princess for lunch, and pauper for dinner, so I’ve gotten used to my first meal consisting of quinoa, salmon, and warm greens. The heavy-to-light eating works wonders for my stamina in colder months.

After I eat, I shower and finish up with my favorite body oils: In summer months, I love Floracopeia Radiant Rose Serum, and in cooler months, Pratima Skincare’s Pitta Balancing Oil. Then I’m out the door smelling like roses.

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