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After Lululemon’s recent see-through pants kerfuffle—which caused a huge product recall and a tumbling stock price for the Vancouver mega-brand—we imagined some quiet schadenfreude in the corporate offices of Athleta and Lucy.

We didn’t anticipate a bunch of indie brands using Lululemon’s quality control issue as a way to market their own small-batch wares.

Newcomer to the scene Yoga Smoga is inviting its fans to “Experience the SHEER DIFFERENCE” of its products with a hilarious campaign. Anyone who purchased a pair of the defective pants can take a photo of themselves (from far away?) and email, Facebook, or Tweet it to the brand to receive a $50 gift certificate towards Yoga Smoga apparel.

And we’ve got story pitches from publicists in our inbox asking us to write about brands that make their fabric nice and thick. Ellie told us its “totally opaque gear” was ready to “rescue all fitness fanatics who fear their workout pants may be revealing a bit more than their toned quads.”

While another brand claimed celeb converts: “With the recent Lululemon outrage, celebs are counting on The Girls Apparel to keep their behinds covered!”

Lululemon better watch its back (side).