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Photo: Instagram/@shondarhimes

For most mere mortals, finding extra minutes to meditate or bike to work can feel like a superhuman achievement. But somehow, Shonda Rhimes—creator of several little TV shows (heard of Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal?)—managed launch a new lifestyle site called Shondaland amid her other projects.

It includes an activism column, content by Rhimes herself, and behind-the-scenes looks at your favorite shows.

Want advice on how to change the world? Find it in the activism column “Let’s. Get. Things. Done.” Looking for penned-by-Rhimes exclusives? You’re in luck: She contributes content about subjects like her weight loss. And don’t worry, TV groupies—you can go behind the scenes on the making of some of your favorite shows.

So now whenever you feel the urge to ask, “What would Shonda do?” (WWSD?), head on over to Shondaland, and use the busy bee’s side-hustle success as inspiration to re-energize your own passion project or stick to your fall reset goals. It’s time to get things done, indeed.

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